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Images within Text

Pulse GFX Text Effects Dec 17, 2009

Step 1: Creating the Workspace:

Begin with a 500 x 175 sized document

Step 2: Create the text:

Grab your text tool and write some text on the document like so. Im using a font called Impact at a pt size of 150pt:

image 1

Step 3: Magic wand tool:

We are now going to use our magical wand tool. Grab your magic wand tool and hold the shift key on your keyboard. Click each of the text layers letters once each time to select them like so:

image 2

Step 4: Get a image:

For this tutorial I have used a render from ( Full credit of this render goes to Skandulous

Anyway download your render to your computer and then open it in Photoshop. Remove the render logo with any eraser (Although giving credit to the people that render the images would be nice) and then on your keyboard hold ctrl + alt and then click on the renders layer thumbnail. Doing this will select the entire render but not the whole document! Once you have done that press Ctrl + C to copy this image to your clipboard!

Step 5: Back to the text:

Returning to our text layer:

image 2

Go to Edit and look for the option that says Paste into. Click on it and the render you have been working with will appear within in the text like so:

image 4

Also notice that during the paste into process a new layer has been created. This is the layer you need to do such things with the image like re-sizing it or changing the images colour etc. Anyway once you've positioned your render within your text I did a few final things to make the image stand out so follow the next step to get a even better result.

Step 6: The famous Userbar Pattern:

On work like this you'll often find small diagonal lines on the image. This pattern is very common in such work like "Userbars". It's kind of like the scanline pattern but not just going horizontally across your work. It's diagonal. Now in steps such as this I would give the choice to either just download the pattern and install it, or create it yourself without downloading it. Today you aren't going to be able to download it! Ha ha just kidding I will give you option to download it, but please read on as creating it is quick and easy and you'll end using it most likely laster on!

Okay so to create the pattern first start off a new document 3 x 3 sized and then use your zoom tool to zoom all the way into your document. Then grab your pencil tool and make sure it's set a 1px. Before you make any selections on this document press D on your keyboard to reset your colour pallette! Make a mark with your pencil tool in the top right hand corner, then make another underneath your first one but doing down in a diagional fashion and then repeat again:

image 5 image 6 image 7

Although it just looks like blocks of nothing, it will create a great effect to our work.

Go to Edit > Define Pattern and name it something like "Userbar Pattern" then click okay.

Now on your image layer apply a pattern overlay in blending options with the following settings:

image 8

The pattern is sorted, continue to the final touch up stage!

Step 7: Add in some final effects:

Apply the render image. To do this go to Adjustments > Apply Image, make sure you have the image layer selected and click ok. It will now darken your result like so:

image 9

Next go to Adjustments > Brightness/Contract and change the settings to this:

image 10

(You can play around with them to get a effect you want, I got this effect):

image 11

Ok the image in the text looks good but the text itself needs a face lift! On your text layer apply a few settings:

image 12

image 13

These settings will give you something like this:

Images within Text

This is of course one of the many final results you can get. Play around with this and have some fun!

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