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Logo Effect

First of all, this is the first tutorial Ive written in ages, so if Im rusty, you know why!

ALSO this logo style tutorial goes into great detail so even the newer photoshoppers can grasp it, if youre more experienced, some of the stuff here you wont need to know. Please understand!

Well then photoshoppers, in this tutorial Im going to teach you how to make a shiny logo style. This tutorial is nothing hard, it just takes a little time to produce the effect. lets not sit here waiting then shall we? Lets get started!

First we need to open a new document, so go ahead and make yourself a nice big space to work in, Ive chosen to use my usual size which is 768x576 . This gives me quite a bit of room to do what I want. For this example I will be using a background color of #363D49 (one of the GreyCobra colors).

Now we have our plain document, we need to write some text, surprisingly enough, I will be using the word GreyCobra for my example. You can use any font you like, I prefer to use something techy for this style.

Below you can see my text, Ive set the size to 36.

image 1

Now we have our text, we can start to create the effect.

First of all we need to CTRL+Click the text layer so the text is highlighted. It should look like this:

image 2

Now go to Select -> Modify -> Expand and you will be prompted with the following screen.

image 3

Set the value to 3 then press ok - your text should now look like this:

image 4

Basically, all that has happened is there has been a 3px gap between the text hence the Expand bit.

Now we need to fill this gap so look in your Layers Pallet and make a layer called Behind Text above your background layer. Make sure you dont make the layer above the text layer. It should look like this.

Fill this layer with black then press CTRL+D to de-select the layer. Your logo should now look like this:

image 5

Weve done the hard part, now we just need to set the layer styles.

Click on your Behind Text layer and set the following styles on the layer.

image 6

image 7

image 8

I have used a custom gradient for this tutorial, here is the gradient preset below.

image 9

Once you have created the gradient, press new and it will save to your list of gradients. For those who dont know how to create gradients, I will be writing a tutorial very soon.

Bingo! were almost done. Now we need to set the layer style on the GreyCobra text layer.

Go ahead and set the following attributes:

image 10

image 11

image 12

I have used the color #111111 for the color overlay, however, you can use any color you like. Your text should now look like this:

image 13

Almost there! One last step!

CTRL+Click your text layer and go to Select -> Modify -> Contract and you will be prompted with the following screen:

image 14

Set the value to 1px and press OK. All we have done here is created a 1 pixel gap inside of your text.

Your text should look like this:

image 15

Make a new layer ABOVE your text layer and fill it with WHITE then press CTRL+D , making your text look like this:

image 16

Set the opacity of this layer to 20%. For those who dont know how to set the opacity (or in English, transparency) look on your layers pallet and youll see it:

image 17

All we need to do now is use our Rectangular Marquee Tool (M) And make a selection as shown below:

image 18

Done that? Great! Press DELETE and youll have something that looks a little something like this:

Logo Effect

There we go, you can use this effect for anything, making logos, on your website, whatever. Try experimenting, you could come up with some decent stuff.

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