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Modern Logo Design

Step 1

Open an existing document of any size, or create a new one. For this tutorial I am using a 400x300 in size.

Fill the background with white (#FFFFFF)

Step 2

Get out the Text tool ( image 1 ) and select any font you wish. The font I'm using here is called Airstrip Four.

Set the your font up like so:

image 2

Step 3

Press 'D' on your keyboard to reset your background and foreground colors to black (#00000) and white (#FFFFFF) respectively.

Click on the canvas area, and type out the name of your company, or the text you would like to apply this effect too:

image 3

Step 4

Now press Ctrl + J on your keyboard two times to duplicate this layer twice.

Your layer pallet should look similar to this:

image 4

Step 5

Now move both of these layers below the original layer, by clicking on them and holding down the mouse button, and dragging them below the original layer.

Your layer pallet should look similar to this afterworlds:

image 5

Step 6

Now we will rotate these two layers slightly to create a very nice logo effect that is used all over the place on television and in news print.

To do this click on one of our two duplicate layers, and press CTRL + T on your keyboard to bring up the transform tool.

After you do this you'll notice that there are 6 small squares around our image these are called "nodes".

image 6

Place your cursor near one of the corner nodes, press and hold the mouse button and drag downward slightly to rotate the image.

Once finished press Enter on your keyboard to finalize the transformation.


image 7

Double click this layer, and apply the following blending options, or use your own color:

Color Overlay:

image 8


image 9

Step 7

Now click the 2nd duplicate layer, press Ctrl + T on your keyboard, and rotate it using the same technique, only in the opposite direction:

image 10

Double click this layer, and apply the following blending options, or use your own color:

Color Overlay:

image 11


image 12

Another Example:

image 13

Step 8

Now drop the opacity of each of the duplicate layers to 60 percent:

image 14

Do this for Each of the duplicate layers:

image 15


image 16

Step 9

Next we are going to create a little detail to our logo.

Go ahead and get out the Custom Shape Tool ( image 17 )

Now select a custom shape that you like, in this case I am using a 10 point star which is a standard stock with photoshop.

image 18

Set your foreground color to white (#FFFFFF) by pressing 'D' on your keyboard to reset colors, and then press 'X' on your keyboard to swap foreground/background colors.

image 19

Select the Fill pixels setting for the custom shape tool:

image 20

Step 10

Create a new layer above all other layers. Change the blending mode of the new layer to "Difference":

image 21

Finally draw your shape anywhere over top of your text that you like to get a very nice looking logo:

image 22

Here is how my final result came out after messing around with it for a few minutes:

image 23

Alternatively these look great on print ads, as well as on flyer's:

Modern Logo Design

I hope you enjoined this tutorial, and found this effect useful. Thank you for reading!

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