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Paper text

Max Wilson Text Effects Mar 02, 2005

Playing about with text effects can be fun, this tutorial is a text effect but at the same time we don't really do anything with the text. Hopefully by the end of this tutorial we should have something cool.

Create a new document, for this tutorial I'm using my usual 720x540 with a #FFFFFF background , you can use anything you like depending on the size of the image you want.

Start by creating some text using #CCCCCC. For this tutorial I'm using sconner. All you should do it go about and make your text using different fonts, any fonts/size you want, just vary them up a little.

Here's how mine came out,

image 1

Now what you need to do is quite simple, basically, on your layers pallet go right to the bottom as shown below, and create a new layer called black

image 2

Now grab your Polygonal Lasso Tool and make a selection around your first latter like this,

image 3

Once you've done that grab your paint bucket and fill the selected part with black.

Create a new layer above the black layer and do the same again around the next letter, and carry on doing so until you're finished your text.

Here's how mine turned out,

Paper Text

Try playing about with it, change the font colors, add some paper behind it maybe, so it looks like a death threat or some thing...actually, no death threats! Just paper..

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