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How to Create Perspective Text

Pulse GFX Text Effects Nov 17, 2009

Step 1: Creating the Workspace:

Create a 400 x 100 pixel document

Step 2: Create the Text

Next grab your text tool and have the following settings set:

image 1

Make the text colour black #000000 And write some text on your document:

image 2

Step 3: Convert To Shape

Then right click on the text layer and select Convert to shape. Then go to Edit > Transform and then choose Perspective. Your text should now have a box around it plus a outline around the text itself:

image 3

With your mouse click on the box in the right hand corner and drag it out to the right. Until you get some like this:

image 4

Apply the changes when it asks you. Now you should still have a outline going around your text. This is meant to be there!

Step 4: Pull down the text

Making sure you have the text layer selected hold Ctrl + Alt and press the down arrow 6 times till you end up with something like this:

image 5

Next select the very first text layer that you started with, my layers look like this and I would select this one:

image 6

Drag this layer to the top.

Step 5: Apply some settings

Then right click on the layer and click Blending Options. Apply these settings:

Inner Shadow:

image 7

Colour Overlay:

image 8


image 9

Once you have done this your text should look like this:

image 10

Step 6: Your not done yet

Finally on the layer below the layer we have been working on. Right click and select Blending Options once more and apply a Drop Shadow with these settings:

image 11

Once you've done that your text should look like this:

The Final Result:

Perspective Text

And there we have it a simple method of getting 3D looking perspective text!

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