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Photo Text

FotoFects Text Effects May 08, 2006

Understanding the Photoshop Technique Unlike other photo text techniques, this technique applies the photo inside the text as a layer style. By placing the photo inside the text using a layer style, the text can be edited, moved or distorted without having to reapply the effect.

Photoshop Action

If you want to apply the effect without following the tutorial, download and run the Photoshop action instead.

Photoshop Action Instructions:

  1. Download the Photoshop action to your computer.
  2. Run Photoshop . Inside the Actions pallet (Window> Actions), click on the menu button image 1 and select Load Actions .
  3. Locate and select the action set file image 2 and click Load .
  4. Open (File> Open or Ctrl/Cmd+O) the image to apply the effect to.
  5. Select the Photo Text Photoshop action from the Actions palette and click the play button image 3 .

Before We Begin Download the sample photo or choose one of your own and open it in Photoshop .

image 4

Step One The first thing we need to do is define the photo as a pattern so that it can be used inside a layer style. To do this, create a selection of the canvas (Select> All or Ctrl/Cmd+A) and save the selection as a pattern (Edit> Define Pattern).

image 5

The Define Pattern tool is located under the Edit menu.

Step Two Now we can type in our text. Use the text tool (T) and enter your own text. Try to use a thick font such as Impact. The font should appear in its own layer.

image 6

The text should appear in its own layer.

Step Three The type of layer style we will use to apply this effect is Pattern Overlay . Add a Pattern Overlay layer style (Layer> Layer Styles> Pattern Overlay) to the text layer.

image 7

The Pattern Overlay window

Inside the Pattern Overlay window, change the pattern to the photo you've defined as a pattern in step two.

image 8


Uncheck the Link with Layer checkbox, click on the Snap to Origin button and click OK .

image 9

The text should blend into the image.

Step Four Hide the background layer so that the text is visible.

image 10

Click on the eye icon to hide the layer.

Step Five Try changing the text and moving the text around. The photo should stay inside the text.

image 11

By using a layer style, the text can be edited anytime.

If you want the photo to stick to the text when moving, go back into the Pattern Overlay layer style window (Layer> Layer Style> Pattern Overlay) and checkmark Link to Layer .

Final Results

image 12
Photo Text

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