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Pimp your Text with Photoshop

Very trendy, pimp everything with photoshop. That is why we are going pimp our text in photoshop. In this tutorial you'll learn how to make a simple layer-style for your pimpin' text in photoshop. If you don't have the patience to do this tutorial, you can just download the .psd which contains the layer style from this tutorial. Nice and easy.

Start a new document and type a text with a thick font (our example file is 500x500 pixels). Don't use a small font like Arial Narrow. It won't work on a small font.

image 1

Add an Inner Glow with these values:

image 2

image 3

Add a Bevel and Emboss with these values:

image 4

image 5

Add a Gradient Overlay with these values:

image 6

image 7

Add a Pattern Overlay with these values:

image 8

Use this pattern for the "pattern overlay":

image 9

image 10

And finally, add a Border with these values:

image 11

image 12

The copy the layer and "rasterize" it (right-click on the layer and choose the rasterize option):

image 13

Then reduce the height of the rasterized layer (Ctrl+T)

image 14

Delete the layer styles from this rasterized layers, so the black text remains. If the text is not black, you have to mae it black first (Ctrl+U -> Saturation 0):

image 15

image 16

Then move the layer with the back text underneath the layer you created first (drag it in the layers panel) and apply a gaussian blur van 3,2. Move the blurred text behind the layer with the layer style. Align it like this:

image 17

Choose a white, star-shaped brush (comes with photoshop).

image 18

Make a new layer above all others and apply the star-shaped brush on the edges (don't use it to much!). This applies a blink effect and your finished!!

Pimp your Text with Photoshop

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