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EZPhotoshop Text Effects Mar 09, 2010

Create new document, random size, fill background color

Create 2 guide like this

image 1

Use Elliptical Marquee Tool to create this selection

image 2

Fill black and white, radial mode Gradient

image 3

Transform selection to bigger, fill white color on new layer, transform again like this

image 4

and delete

image 5

now, with two guide we was created, you can draw this selections easily

image 6

do the same step for another areas

image 7

Duplicate and transform layer

image 8

Select this selections, then hit Ctrl + J

image 9

copy and repeat this layer

image 10

set opacity 10, 30, 50, 70, 100

create small selection, and fill this gradient

image 11

image 12

add text ( should in BOLD mode ) with #ffffff color

image 13
Click to enlarge

Rasterize layer text, duplicate it. Hold Ctrl and click on layer thumbnail of this text copy layer, fill this gradient

image 14

image 15
Click to enlarge

Select any square selection, on top layer, delete it , you 'll have a amazing effect for text :)

image 16

image 17
Click to enlarge

see kulz ?

add some small text that you like

this tut very useful to make  your signature ::)

Space Text
Click to enlarge

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