Tutorials Photoshop Textures & Patterns Basic Rain Background

Basic Rain Background

First create a new pallet, I used 400x150, you can use anything.

image 1

Hit D to make sure your colors are set to default. Then go to Filter > Render > Clouds.

image 2

You will get something like this:

image 3

Go to Filter > Noise > Add Noise.

image 4

Use there below settings.

image 5

You will get something like this:

image 6

Go to Filter> Blur > Motion Blur.

image 7

The below settings are good, but you should be able to find better settings by fiddling around.

image 8

And there you have it, and background that looks like its raining.

Basic Rain Background

I hope the newbies out there enjoyed this tutorial made especially just for them.

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