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3D Button

1. Make a new layer, select Ellpitical Marquee Tool , hold down the Shift key ( Mac : Option key) and draw a cirlce.

image 1

2. Select the Gradient Tool , set it to radial gradient and make sure your foreground color is white and background is black . Drag the gradient as illustrated.

image 2

3. Create a new layer, name it " Button Shade ".Draw a smaller circle. Use the same radial gradient tool, and drag another gradient, this time in the opposite direction.

image 3 image 4

4. With your " Button Shade " layer still active go to Selection>Contract and enter 2px for the value, click OK.

image 5

5. Make a new layer, name it " Inside Button ". Use same radial gradient tool to draw yet another gradient as in step 2.

image 6

6. Make a new layer above all your other layers, name your layer " Color ". Press Ctrl+Click ( Mac : Command+Click) on your " Inside Button " layer. Fill the selection with any color you like and set the layer mode to Color .

image 7

7. If you want you may also type some text for you botton, I typed " ok ".

image 8

8. Now we need to make a Layer Set . First, Link all your layers together. Now press on the little arrow just above your layers and select " New layer set from linked ". Name this layer set " Button Off "

image 9

9. Right click on your layer set and choose " Duplicate Layer Set ", Name the new layer set " Button On ". Now we need to make an illusion of a button being pressed down.

Select " Inside Button " layer and using your arrow keys move it down 1px and 1px to the right. Also do the same to your text layer if you have one.

image 10

10. With your " Inside Button " layer still selected go to Layer>Layer Style>Inner Shadow... leave the values default and press OK. You're done! Check out the effect when the button is pressed.

3D Button

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