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  Tutorials Photoshop Web Layout Layout design and implementation

Layout design and implementation


Learn to design a website in Adobe Photoshop, slice the "psd" file and implement it in html using Macromedia Dreamweaver.

First take a look over the "psd" file:

image 1
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Save next picture on computer. Need it in this tutorial:

image 2


Let's begin. Open a new file in Adobe Photoshop with a black background. Import the picture in your document and place it like this:

image 3


New layer in the Layers Tab and place the logo in the top left corner. I chose "AnnaBelle" as logotype:

image 4


Create a new layer and type the site content on the same vertical line with the site logo. Choose what font you want. I used "Futura Light 24px,16px" and "Arial 11px". It should look like this:

image 5
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Ok. Now the navigation: type the name of the buttons with "Arial Bold 12px" like this:

image 6


Create the buttons' background. New layer (down the layer buttons):

image 7

Right click on layer and select Rasterize Layer

image 8

With Brush Toll selected, delete an area like this:

image 9

Duplicate layer and move it for any button. The result should be like this:

image 10

Now select layer background that's behind the "home" button and Edit>Transform > Flip Horizontal and move it like this:

image 11


Now you have a layout for your site:

image 1
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In the next part we'll prepare the "psd" for html implementation. We slice the "psd" file. Take a look in the next picture and you can see what parts of layout interests us:

image 13
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For the rest of the site content we'll use HTML and CSS in Dreamweaver. Now we can cut the images we need for the HTML implementation. Select the Slice Tool and trace a contour like this:

image 14


Continue with the next zone and the result should be like this:

image 15
Click to enlarge


File > Save For Web and for every slice set the slice settings:

image 16

For the slices that need a higher quality, set "jpeg – high resolution" and for the rest, set settings "gif". Do this for every slice in your layout:

image 17

image 18

Quick Tip: To get the best image quality/file size ratio, export an image in GIF format whenever it has a few colors and/or close shades and export as JPEG when there are a lot of different colors in the picture.


After you configure the settings for every slice, and select all your slices (SHIFT+CLICK), choose Save and configure the save settings like this: Save as Type: "Images Only(.jpg)", Settings: "Default Settings", Slices: "Selected Slices":

image 19

That's all. You sliced your "psd" file. Open the folder where you saved the pictures and rename them like this: "site_03.gif" to "logo.gif", "site_07.jpg" to "girl-top.jpg", "site_10.gif" to "active-page.gif", "site_11.gif" to "home.gif", "site_13.gif" to "us.gif", "site_14.gif" to "services.gif", "site_15.gif" to "help.gif", "site_16.gif" to "contact.gif", "site_19.gif" to "beauty-txt.gif", "site_22.gif" to "bottom.gif".

You have now the pictures for your site. In the next steps you'll do the implementation in HTML using Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004.


Open a new html document in Dreamweaver. In the Layout Tab select the Layout Table Tool:

image 20


Draw a table like in the next picture:

image 21


Choose Draw Layout Cell in the Layout Tab and draw a cell table:

image 22


Next draw another layout cell:

image 23


Click inside in this cell and choose Insert > Image and select your image folder. Choose "logo.gif" picture and click OK.

Set your background page to black Modify > Page Properties, Background Color. Set the Top Margin to "50 pixels":

image 24
Click to enlarge


Click on the table and change its size, then insert a new row:

image 25

Step 18

Inside this row insert the "active-page.gif" picture and adjust the row, set the row horizontal alignment in the Properties Tab to "right" like here:

image 26

Step 19

Another cell box and insert the "home.gif" picture:

image 27

Step 20

Continue to add new cells and rows for all your pictures:

image 28
Click to enlarge

Step 21

Now insert a nice text in middle site section. Set the text size, color, etc.

Layout Design and Implementation

Step 22

Select each button and on Properties Tab enter the in the link field "#link" and you have a very simple site made by you.

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