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Romantic Wedding Montage

Orion Williams Web Layout Jul 18, 2005

Don't be overwhelmed if you're new to this. All I'm doing is layer masking and using the gradient tool to gently hide and fade pixels to get rid of the sharp edges. I almost always use pure black as the foreground color (and white to buy back pixels).

image 1

image 2

Do the same thing on each of your layers by masking them and hiding the edges. You can then place them around to where you think they would look best. Develop your eye and intuition for this process. Aha- so my tutorials make you think a little. But it's important to understand the concepts and application. Now you can get the actual .psd file itself from the iPSDirectory

image 3

image 4

You should be able to tell which layer I am on here in this picture. I am on the photo that is covering the document with it's Hawaiian sky. This is to fade the sky to black at the top.

image 5  

image 6  

image 7

Just keep switching between different layers and make sure that you are on the actual layer mask (you have to click on it in the layers palette) to make sure that is where you are doing your masking. Keep masking until images start to blend together (moVe them around) and make sure not to erase the main pixels or (newlyweds or people as humans call them). I teach to always use the foreground to transparent gradient tool in the Basic Photoshop training.

Add some appropriate text with the T tool. This is the closest font I could get to something very cursive and romantic (I need more fonts!)

image 8

Check this out for instant romance. Select the top layer in the layers palette that you want to affected by an adjustment layer (and so will all visible layers beneath it) and choose Hue/Saturation from the pop-up menu on the bottom of the layers palette. Click colorize and use these settings. Now you have a nice midnight Hawaiian blue.

image 9

It's looking a little dark, so hey...(you've accepted that and pressed OK) now you can create another adjustment layer of levels (which will give you more control over the light values than just increasing the brightness value of the hue). Remember that you have all of these image and photo post-production tools at your service that you can use in creating graphic design.

image 10

If you want the dj to take that and rewind it back; try switching the order of one of the layers. Move the layer of the bride on the left to ABOVE the Hue adjustment layer. Now she's in living color. Note that she is still being affected under the Levels layer.  Layer order and an understanding of it is crucial to operating smoothly and efficiently as a Photoshop Designer.  If you're happy and you know it click your mouse..

image 11

Here you can see it without the rubylith. Remember you can toggle the rubylith on and off to see the results of your layer mask (whether it is selected or not) by using the ( '|' ) key or clicking it on in the bottom of the channels palette. Remember to click onto a new layer every time that you want to move, change or make adjustments to it. Graphic design is virtually impossible without layers. They are the independent elements that make up graphic design.

image 12

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