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Shiny Glass Effect

Max Wilson Web Layout Mar 03, 2005

For this tutorial we're going to expand on our shine abilities, there is countless different shines you can have and this is just another sexy way of doing it.

Start by getting the image you would like to shine, for this tutorial I'm going to use my usual box as shown below:

image 1

Once you have the shape or image you would like to shine, you then need to CRTL+Click that layer, so it's highlighted as shown below:

image 2

Now you have our layer selected, go to Select>Modify>Contract and set it to 2 pixels.

This is what it should look like now:

image 3

Now much different huh? you can barely notice it but in fact it has moved in around the shape by 2 pixels.

Now then, to the nitty gritty.

Create a new layer above the shape called Shine - so it looks like this:

image 4

Now grab your gradient tool, and make sure it's the transparent gradient and set your foreground to white, then make a gradient down your shape like I have below:

image 5

We're nearly done!

Select your Circular Marquee Tool, and make a circle on your shape, anywhere you like depending on how you want your shape/image to shine, this is how I done mine:

image 6

You will notice my circle went off the screen, that's because I didn't want the sides of the circle to be visable, if you can see the circle whole on your image, make it bigger, like mine!

Ok, now you have your circle, you press delete, and you should have something that looks like this:

image 7

Ity's looking good already huh?

Now then, all you need to do is play about with the opacity of the layer and you should have something reletively shiney!

Here's something I made using that technique:

Shiny Glass Effect

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