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Wedding layout

victor_ Web Layout Sep 15, 2009

Let's start with a new document with the following sizes: 760x770.

I will start by placing a stock image inside my document. To do this you need to open also the image you want to place, then with move tool, you can drag the image over your document:

image 1

Then i will add another images inside the Polaroid images. This is very simple. All you need to do is to open each image, then you can rotate it, and scale it as much as you want:

image 2

I will select Rectangle Tool:

image 3

Then i will create a rectangle inside my document.

I will use the following color #dfdac7.

image 4

I will apply a simple layer style. For Outer Glow i will use the following settings:

image 5

This is my result so far:

image 6

I will download the following grunge brush from

I will load this brush on photoshop, then on a new layer ( press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+N to create a new layer) add some grunge brushes with Brush Tool:

image 7

I will create some simple grunge brushes, on the new layer, then i will change the blending mode to Overlay:

image 8

Duplicate this rectangle, and place it like in the following image:

image 9

After that i will create another Rectangle ( i will use the following color #3a3a3a ):

image 10

After that i will place a image with a flower on thr right corner. You can see the result in the following image:

image 11

From my stock collection will add another image:

image 12

With Horizontal Type Tool:

image 13

I will add some random text like in the following screen shot.

I will hide the images for a second, so you can see better where i am placing the text.

image 14

I will select Custom Shape Tool:

image 15

And i will choose a random shape, with a flower. you have this flower already in Photoshop.

image 16

I will add some small flowers near the text like in the following image:

image 17

Now i will turn on the visibility for all layers to see my end result:

Wedding Layout

I hope you like it.

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