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Creating Image Borders with Fireworks MX

macronimous Fireworks Jul 09, 2009

Here is a simple tutorial on a Fireworks image effect technique. You might have seen or might have thought about creating a border around an image, and to make it little more catchy. There are many ways to do that but here, let us learn just two simple methods.

Requirements: Fireworks MX, an image and few minutes of time.

Method I

1. Open the image in which you want to add a border

image 1

2. Select the image first; In the Properties section select Effects >Shadow and Glow > Inner Glow

image 2

3. Set the properties for the inner glow effect as below,

image 3

You get the following effect which you want:

image 4

4. Here I have made another image with a drop shadow effect, which will give you a photo in a Photo album effect.

image 5

I have set the color as white, since the image is of dark colors. Now try it. :-)

Method II

1. Open a new image, set the canvas color black ( Or the border color which want to be around the image). I have selected the image size as 2 pixels more then the picture size. In my case this is 102 X 153 in my case.

image 6

2. Import the picture by File > Import, this image size is 100 X 151, Place the image at the exact center of the image.

image 7

Now you get the border. The final image is here:

Creating Image Borders with Fireworks MX

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