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  Raster Graphics Fireworks i-Phone-like Buttons

i-Phone-like Buttons

Figure 1: Final Preview

New Document

Open a new document in Adobe Fireworks 550x398px with a dark background #333333 and a 100 px (in height) white stripe across it.

Figure 2: New Document

Styling the Stripe

Apply a vertical gradiant effect for your background.

Figure 3: Final result

It should look like this:

Figure 4: Gradient

Create a button

Create a button with the Rounded Rectangle auto shape from the tools panel.In the Auto shape properties you can read width, height and radius used.

Figure 5: Create a button

Styling the button

We will apply a vertical gradiant effect and a Bevel and Emboss effect.

Gradient Effect

Figure 6: Gradient Effect

Photoshop Live Effects

Bevel and Emboss

Figure 7: Bevel and Emboss


Figure 8: Stroke

It should look like this:

Figure 9: Completed button

Add Text


I used the Franklin Gothic Medium font.

Figure 10: Completed button

Bevel and Emboss

Figure 11: Bevel and Emboss

Final Preview


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