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  Raster Graphics Fireworks Inset Button using Adobe Fireworks

Inset Button using Adobe Fireworks

Figure 1: Final Preview

New Document

Open a document with a white fill. Draw a stripe across your document. The stripe will be the button's background.

Rounded rectangle auto shape

To create the button, select the rounded rectangle tool and draw a 157x37 px rectangle. Drag the yellow dots inward to the maximum to get a rounded button. Look at the Auto shape properties to see the values.


Add a text 'Try now!'

Now, it should look like this:

Figure 2:

Linear gradient to the stripe

Apply a linear gradient to the stripe. #99999 > #000000

Effects to the button

Now, we are going to apply 3 effects to the rounded rectangle: linear gradient, inner shadow and drop shadow.

Linear gradient

Apply a linear gradient to the rounded rectangle. #99999 > #666666

Apply an inner shadow and a drop shadow

Figure 3:

Now, it should look like this:

Figure 4:

Change color

To change the color, select the rectangle and Adjust Color > Hue/Saturation. Do not forget to check Colorize in the interface and then drag the Hue cursor to the right and to the left to switch colors.

Figure 5:

Final Preview

Figure 1: Final Preview


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