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  Raster Graphics Gimp Arrow style Logo Gimp

Arrow style Logo Gimp Gimp Apr 10, 2009

To begin, create a new Image in Gimp with the following properties

image 1

Now that the new image is created create a new layer and name it Arrow-One use the rectangular select tool image 2 and create a selection with the following properties:

Tip: Look to the left for these properties

image 3

Use the bucket tool image 4 (Shift + B) and fill the selection with the color #4DA900 you should now have the following:

image 5

You are now going to need to create a Triangle to do this activate the View-Show Grid option and the View-Snap To Grid Option, this will aid in the creation of the triangle. Select the path tool image 6 and use it to create a selection like below:

image 7

after you are finished, look to the left hand side and click the 'Selection from Path' button, this will create a new selection. Use the bucket tool image 4 and fill your new selection in with #4DA900 again. It should look like below.

Tip: You may need to move the selection around a little bit to get it aligned properly. You can also remove the View-Snap to Grid and Show Grid options.

image 9

Now right click on the Layer with the arrow on it And select Alpha to Selection this will select the arrow, now right click in the image editing area and choose Select then Grow this will expand the selection by a certain amount of pixels, grow it by 3 pixels like below

image 10

Now create a new layer underneath the arrow layer and name it Arrow Border use the bucket tool image 4 and fill the selection with white #FFFFFF. Right click in the selection area and go to Filters - Light and Shadow - Drop Shadow like below:

image 12

In the Drop Shadow Dialouge be sure to apply the following settings

image 13

Now right click on the main Arrow layer and select Alpha to Selection this will create a selection for the arrow, create a new layer and select the Rectangle Select Tool now press and hold ctrl and then drag a selection around the bottom of the arrow like below.

image 14

It should now look like this

image 15

Now select the Blend or Gradient Tool (L) and set it's properties like so:

image 16

Create a new layer and name it Highlight Layer Now drag the gradient in a vertical line from Bottom to top Like so

image 17

Which should make it look like so:

Tip: You can adjust the opacity of the highlight layer for a more realistic appearance

image 18

Now, merge every layer except for the background layer, Duplicate the newly merged layer, pull out the rotate tool click anywhere in the editing window and set the rotate tools angle to the following settings and press rotate. (only modify the angle

image 19

Now use the Move tool to position the newly created arrow underneath the first Arrow.

Now we can work on the Text of the logo

Pull out the text tool and click anywhere you want the text to be

I set the Text to the following properties

image 20

Now type in whatever you want for the tutorial I typed 'study'

image 21

Once again right click on the new 'study' layer and choose, Alpha to Selection Create a new layer under the 'study' layer and right click in the image editing area and choose Select then Grow this time choose 2 pixels and your selection will grow Fill the selection with white #FFFFFF, and apply a dropshadow (right click - filters - light and shadow - drop shadow) with the following properties:

image 22

And there you have it, do the same as the previous step with the rest of your text and you will come out with.

Arrow style Logo Gimp

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