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  Raster Graphics Paint Shop Pro (19 materials)

Paint Shop Pro Tutorials

Paint Shop Pro TutorialsPaint Shop Pro- a raster graphics editor that can be of a heavy use for materialising and incarnating all your concepts and ideas with a huge creative outburst. Its potential and resources will not leave you indifferent. Inspiration and future recreation of your inner world with all its nuances and gamut of emotions will be a central part of your work. Answering all questions, connected with creative process, will become easier and more interesting, because of Paint Shop Pro. All images can be modified, in order to meet your demands and requires, with the help of Paint Shop Pro by means of several actions and in a short period of time, transforming and changing original forms and meaning.
In this tutorial you will learn how to give your text some dripping blood.
Learn to create a full metal interface with an orb and through this tutorial many other techniques are learned.
Give your image a twist by placing a grid on it.
Learn how to create a windy setting in your image. This effect may also be used to empasize speed.
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Transform your image into a pastel-like drawing.
Add a photo-realistic ray of light from any light source.
In this tutorial I am going to learn you how to make animations if you just have Paint Shop Pro. First of all you also need this Program: "Animation shop 3". The trial could be found at
Choose any image, and open it in adobe. Now, go to colours>>adjust>>threshold and change the settings to around 130, depending on your image. Click OK, and you're done.
To map an image in paint shop pro, first open up the image you want to map. Go to file>>export>>image mapper. To create you image map, choose from the circle, rectangle, or polygon tools at the top of your window...
To slice an image in paint shop pro, go to file>>export>>image slicer. Select the grid tool at the top of the window, and decide on how many columns and rows you will have (this will determine the number of sliced images). You can uncheck the optimization option if you want...