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  Web Design Design Principles Weekly Design News - Tutorials, Freebies and Resources (N. 12)

Weekly Design News - Tutorials, Freebies and Resources (N. 12)

Hey folks!

Happy Friday!
As always today I show you the best tutorials from the past week. Below you can find guides on how to create different stunning text effects, web layouts, QR codes, nice photo manipulations and illustrations.

I've included some freebies too! Look at collections of free icons, buttons, wallpapers, psd files and textures!

Have fun!


Super Easy Furry Text in Pixelmator

Create an Awesome Medieval Text Effect

How to Make a Table Tennis Vector Illustration

How To Create a Featured Post Layout in WordPress

Create a Fun Fairytale Illustration in Photoshop CS6

Create a Set of Detailed, Vector Rating Stars


Create Customized (Colored) QR Codes [Quicktip]

Create a Jigsaw Puzzle Using jQuery and PHP

100% Vector Drop Shadow with Illustrator CS6

Create a One Stroke Tropical Flower Using Adobe Illustrator CS6

Code an Awesome Registration Form with the Exotico UI Set

How to Create a Steel Volume Knob in Adobe Illustrator

How to manipulate Photo using Photoshop?

Create a Gold Cartoon Text Effect in Photoshop Using Layer Styles

Quick Tip: Create a Cookie Text Effect in Photoshop

Create the Beautiful Digital Masterpiece 'Mesmerized'

How to Add Non-Destructive Vignetting to Your Photos in Photoshop

Antique a Photo Using Textures in 3 Quick Steps


Wallpaper of the Week 206 by Bukioe

"Drops Of Gold" Wallpaper

Free download: Simplycons Icon Set

Simple Slider Buttons + Three Bonus Buttons - Freebie

Iris: Free June 2012 Calendar Wallpaper

Surreal Micro World - Free PSD

Free Stone Wall Textures


Stacy Summers

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