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Dealing with Requests in ASP

Wilfried Schobeiri ASP Apr 14, 2005

Dealing with Requests in ASPThis tutorial will teach you how to deal with requests in ASP. Requests are often seen in the form of THe ID=x is the request in the URL. This tutorial will show you how to change the location of an iFrame using requests in one file.

Part I - ASP

First, we will use name our identifier "ID". If ID=vine, then the iFrame will point to grapevine.asp. If ID=tut, then the iFrame will point to tutorials.asp, and so on:

Dim pageID
Dim iFrame
pageID =  request("ID")

If pageID = "vine" Then
iFrame = "grapevine.asp"
ElseIF pageID = "tut" Then
iFrame = "tutorials.asp"
ElseIf pageID = "contact" Then
iFrame = "contact.asp"
iFrame = "home.asp"
End If

Part II - HTML + IFrame

Now all we need is an iframe to point to and a variable to insert:

<iframe src="/img_articles/4286/<%=iFrame %>" width=200 height=200 />

And thats it! Frame change on request! (pun intended)

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