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Form mail via cdosys

Wilfried Schobeiri ASP Apr 25, 2006

Form Mail via CDOSYSLearn how to send mail using the power of ASP.

ASP gives you the power to send mail using the "CDOSYS" mail object. This script will send an email from a user to whichever email address you choose. NOTE: this tutorial is for Windows XP/IIS .NET users, please see the tutorial regarding CDONTS for IIS v5 form mail. We will ask three things on the form to keep it simple: their name, their e-mail address, and their comments. This script will either process the email or show the form, depending on whether the "submit" button was pressed:


If request("submit") <> "" THEN
Set objEMail = Server.CreateObject("CDO.Message")
Set objConfig = Server.CreateObject("CDO.Configuration")
Set Confi = objConfig.Fields
Confi("") = 1
Confi("") = "C:inetpubmailrootpickup"
Set objEMail.Configuration = objConfig
objEMail.To = "[email protected]"
objEMail.From = Request("from")
objEMail.Subject = Request("subject")
objEMail.TextBody = Request("message")
Set objEMail = Nothing

Response.Write("Message Sent")


<form method="post" action="this.asp">
From Email: <INPUT type=text name="from"><br />
Subject: <INPUT type=text name="subject"><br />
Message: <TEXTAREA name="message" rows=10 cols=40></TEXTAREA><br />
<INPUT type="submit" value="Send" name="submit">

End If

Not too hard eh?

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