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  Web Programming ASP (18 materials)


ASPASP Tutorials will help you to find the kernel of your search, proposing you ready answers to the questions that are of a current importance for you. Including information necessary for your work, ASP Tutorials visually propose you detailed explanations and examples that can be also used as patterns for recreation of your ideas. By means of ASP Tutorials you will find the possibility to clarify some points and aspects that will be of a great help for you in future and will make your project mostly approximated to your initial plan, or even, perhaps, to enrich and edit it with new interesting details. Using ASP Tutorials you increase your chances for success and simplify the initial task.
This tutorial was written by one of the great guys at HTMLForums. I read through this tutorial myself and found it to be very useful and easy to understand.
This is another SSI tutorial written by a friend, it shows another way of looking at SSI and also shows you some new tricks and tips.
This tutorial will teach you all of the basic string functions available in ASP using VBScript. I will keep things concise as possible. The following is a list of the functions and an example of each.
Learn how to send mail using the power of ASP.
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In this article you will be able to use the new features of dreamweaver 8 to connect to a SQL database and return the results to a datagrid.
To further elaborate on a article I wrote: 301 Redirects And Domains With And Without WWW, I wanted to discuss the actual implementation of a 301 redirect on IIS.
This article will show you how to create a simple but powerful randomizer.
PHP stands for "PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor". Alot of people have been confused by this as the acronym PHP is part of the actual name derived from the acronym. PHP is a general-purpose scripting language, its ease of use and learning curve make it especially suited to web development...
Although our ASP database tutorials all use MS Access connection strings, there are many sorts of database software out there for use with ASP. This tutorial will show you how to connect with them...
This tutorial will show you how to insert a row of data into a database using ASP and an MS Access database. You can do it on one ASP file, but we'll have two files: one processor page (proc.asp), and one form page (form.asp). Then, we'll make the MS Access database that corresponds to the ASP.