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Auto Redirect

ades PHP May 27, 2005

Auto RedirectNote 1: You don't have to know PHP programming to do this tutorial. Note 2: I assume that your server supports files with .php extension. If not, you won't be able to do this tutorial. For more info on how to install PHP on your PC go to

1. Open notepad or any other HTML Editor and paste the following code.

header ("Location: $URL");
<title>Ades Design</title>

2. Save as ades.php and upload to your web server. Now access it through your browser at You should be automatically redirected to my website.

3. Now customize your script. Put your own link instead of and change the title Ades Design.

You can also put some text or link inside the body. In case your redirection does not work people will be able to click and go to the desired page.

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