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How to Install EasyPHP ( PHP, MySql, Apache & PhpMyAdmin)

PiticStyle PHP May 30, 2008

1. Download EasyPhp, Open It or Save It

2. Double Click on the setup, and follow the next steps:

image 1

3. Click Ok -> Next -> Check the box of I Accept the Agreement -> Next -> Next

4. If you want to install in a different location click Browse ( recommend to install in C:Program Files )

image 2

5. Click Next -> Next -> Install -> Finish

6. Now EasyPhp is installed, you will e a button in your taskbar

image 3

7. Double click and the server should start, but here if you have MySQL installed before EasyPhp, the server of MySQL it won't start. Let's to resolve this:

In the picture you can see the error message:

image 4

To resolve this press Ctrl + Alt + Delete, will be opened Windows Task Manger.

8. Click on Performance, search mysqld-nt.exe and End the Process

image 5

9. Now double click on EasyPhp and start MySQL server

image 6

image 7

10. To run your files you need to move them in the www directory ( C:Program FilesEasyPHP 2.0b1www )

image 8

11. That's it! Now let's to see if php is installed. Create a new text document and type this code:


image 9

12. Now in your browser type this: http://localhost/ and click on phpinfo.php

image 10
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image 11
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13. To acces PhpMyAdmin, right click on EasyPhp in taskbar and select Administrator

image 12
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How to Install EasyPHP ( PHP, MySql, Apache & PhpMyAdmin)
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