14 Best Shopify Marketplace Apps For Ecommerce Merchants

Ecommerce merchants are always looking for ways to improve their online store and make the shopping experience easier. And even though Shopify is a powerful ecommerce platform, it is not capable of executing every task alone. Fortunately, Shopify marketplace apps come to the rescue!

Shopify marketplace apps are designed to bridge the gaps, helping merchants achieve their goals without having to hire expensive developers. These apps enable merchants to customize their websites, acquire new customers, drive more sales, build customer loyalty, fulfill orders, and more. The only issue is that with so many Shopify apps available, it can be hard to know which ones are best for your business.

But never fear! We tested, reviewed, and curated a list of the 14 best Shopify marketplace apps so you don't have to. If you're an online merchant, give these apps a try today — you won't be disappointed.

1) Klaviyo

Best email service provider


Klaviyo is a must-have Shopify marketplace app for every e-commerce merchant. The powerful email marketing platform empowers store owners to set up automated email flows and targeted campaigns that often drive more than 30% of a brand's total sales.

Because of Klaviyo's deep integration with Shopify, Klaviyo flows can be triggered by a variety of customer behaviors, such as abandoning a cart, making a first or second purchase, landing on a specific page, or visiting the website for a certain amount of time. When a customer profile matches one of these criteria, Klaviyo will automatically send a customized email that is tailored to the customer's most recent actions.

Similarly, Klaviyo email campaigns can be sent to specific segments of customers, such as new subscribers, repeat buyers, or VIP members. And Shopify merchants can also exclude email subscribers from the campaign who have purchased recently, already bought a given item, or are not located in a certain country.

Klaviyo strikes an impressive balance of highly customizable, yet easy-to-use email software. It is on the pricier end compared to alternative providers, but it more than makes up for the cost with its valuable segmentation, personalization, and analytic capabilities.

2) Zipify OCU

Best one-click upsell app


Zipify One Click Upsell allows brand owners to boost their Shopify revenue with optimized upsell funnels. In just a few moments, Shopify merchants can create and implement offers (or offer sequences) for specific customer segments without the need for any custom code or web development.

This upsell app is a great way to present customers with additional products, upgrades, or bundles after their initial purchase. Offers can even be customized according to the customer's cart value, product selection, location, and more. And with Zipify's simple split testing feature, store owners can easily experiment with different configurations to find the best-performing option.

Most importantly, Zipify's partnership with Shopify allows for a genuine one-click experience. Customers who checkout through Shopify can accept an upsell at the click of a button. This simplicity greatly improves take rates, leading to improved average order values!

3) Faire

Best wholesale platform


Faire is one of the best Shopify marketplace apps for merchants looking to break into the wholesale market. The Faire-Shopify integration allows Shopify merchants to easily sync their products and orders with the wholesale platform, and create a wholesale-only storefront. This enables brands to instantly get in front of Faire's growing list of wholesalers, retailers, and distributors.

Faire also helps Shopify merchants move inventory with its unique promotions programs, and powerful order management and discounting tools. Merchants can easily select which products to wholesale, at what prices and quantities, and even manage their invoices and payments in one place.

For many brand owners, Faire opens up a previously untapped sales channel. Shopify retailers can instantly start selling to stores around the world, without the need for expensive setup fees or lengthy contracts. Faire simply takes a percentage of the order value from customers it refers — 25% for the opening order and 15% thereafter. Plus, there are never fees of any kind for wholesale customers you refer independently.

4) Crush

Best image minifier


Crush is one of the Shopify marketplace apps that help merchants optimize their store performance by reducing file sizes and compressing images. By optimizing Shopify’s image sizes, Crush reduces the time needed to load a Shopify store page. This improved speed leads to faster loading times and a better user experience — two essential components for Shopify store owners to succeed online.

Crush is the best image minifier available in the Shopify marketplace because it optimizes images on autopilot. Store owners simply select from balanced, conservative, or custom compression settings, and set file name and alt tag templates.

After completing these settings, Crush will "crush" all images added to the Shopify store. And just like that, users never have to worry about optimizing images ever again. Crush will boost page load speeds, SEO automation, on-page conversion rates, and the customer experience — all after a quick set-up!

5) PostPilot

Best postcard marketing app


PostPilot is a Shopify marketplace app that makes Shopify postcard marketing easy and efficient. The app allows Shopify store owners to design and schedule postcards for printing, addressing, and mailing with only a few clicks.

And if you don't know how to design an eye-catching postcard, PostPilot's exceptional customer support team is there to help! The team of graphic designers is happy to create an on-brand design and offer suggestions for the ad copy.

Shopify store owners can use PostPilot's seamless Shopify integration to continuously engage with their existing customers and win over potential customers. PostPilot’s postcard marketing campaigns can be used to send thank you notes, promotional offers, discounts, or just a friendly hello. Shopify merchants can even send automated postcards to customers, such as birthday and anniversary cards, for a personalized touch.

And of course, PostPilot takes care of all of the logistics. From creating campaigns to creating and shipping the postcards to tracking the sales lift, PostPilot is the best way to take advantage of an overlooked Shopify marketing opportunity.

6) Loox

Best Shopify reviews app


Shopify Reviews is a free app — so why would an e-commerce merchant need to look elsewhere?

The first answer is aesthetics. Loox offers Shopify brands a more attractive interface for displaying reviews. The app has a sleeker, less clunky way of integrating with Shopify stores and allows more flexibility in how reviews are displayed. Plus, Loox supports photo reviews which can be an effective tool for building trust and social proof.

But that's not all! Loox also has a number of features designed to drive additional revenue. The app auto-generates referral links to incentivize happy customers to spread the word. And merchants can encourage photo reviews with custom coupon codes for future purchases.

Lastly, Loox integrates with Google Shopping and displays star ratings in Google Search results. These features can help Shopify stores increase their visibility and generate more revenue through SEO automation. It's no wonder Loox has earned over 10,000 reviews in the Shopify App Store.

7) Gorgias

Best customer support platform


Gorgias is one of many Shopify marketplace apps for customer service, but it stands out in a few key areas. The Shopify plugin does an excellent job of centralizing all customer communication in one convenient location. Email, social media messages, text messages, and chat support can all be accessed in a single feed, so customer support agents always have the full customer context.

Gorgias also supports efficiency with features like macros for canned responses, a self-service help desk for FAQs, and the ability to modify Shopify orders without leaving the app. These simple touches enable Shopify store owners to provide timely, top-notch customer service.

For further improvement, the customer service platform also tracks agent performance in a live dashboard. This can help to motivate team members and quickly identify any issues if needed.

8) Flexify

Best Facebook product feed builder


Flexify is the best Shopify app for building a customized Facebook product feed. For e-commerce merchants that run Facebook or Instagram ads, a product feed is necessary to create dynamic ad campaigns. Dynamic ads allow marketers to automatically retarget leads with images of the products they have previously viewed.

Flexify makes it easy to build a Facebook product feed with features like:

  • Categorization: Assigns categories according to Shopify product types to make it easier to advertise individual collections
  • Image Optimization: Automatically adjusts product images for certain ad types, such as carousel ads, collection ads, and shops
  • Localization: Manages languages and currencies to create product catalogs for different countries

Flexify takes the headache out of managing product feeds for Facebook Ads. Although dynamic ad campaigns are particularly effective for brands with deep catalogs, Shopify merchants of all sizes can test this Shopify app to try automating a portion of the advertising process.

9) Tax Jar

Best tax management system


Sales tax compliance is quickly becoming one of the thorniest issues in ecommerce. Once you reach a certain scale, Shopify merchants have to calculate and collect the right amount of sales tax in a large number of U.S. states. To simplify this process, Tax Jar is the Shopify tax app of choice for many ecommerce brands.

Tax Jar offers a comprehensive sales tax solution that features:

  • Auto-Filing: Automatically files sales tax returns in all applicable states
  • Calculations: Calculates sales taxes based on Shopify orders and shipping addresses
  • Exemptions: Automatically identifies and processes sales tax exemption requests

Tax Jar helps Shopify merchants avoid the hassle of managing numerous sales tax regulations across multiple states. The full-service tax management system may not be the most exciting tool on this list, but its accuracy and reliability can save Shopify store owners a great deal of time and energy.

10) TripleWhale

Best first-party data tracking


After Apple's iOS14 privacy update, marketing attribution became much more challenging. Instead of relying on third-party data from sources like Facebook and Google, Shopify merchants must now focus on first-party data to create effective advertising campaigns.

TripleWhale is one of the leading Shopify marketplace apps for managing this new challenge. With analytics, attribution, and finances all in one hub, TripleWhale pulls together all of the metrics that matter most to ecommerce brand owners. The Shopify app aggregates pixels from Facebook, Google, TikTok, and more — and highlights the differences in in-platform data versus omnichannel attribution.

Shopify store owners can then use this data to optimize ad campaigns, identify customer trends, and more effectively measure ROI. Many brands report that after using TripleWhale, trying to run paid ads without it feels like flying blind.

11) Live Recover

Best SMS cart recovery tool


Cart abandonment is an unavoidable issue for Shopify stores. According to research, nearly 70% of online shoppers abandon purchases before checkout — and this can have a major impact on Shopify stores' top lines.

Live Recover attempts to solve this problem by focusing on one of Shopify's most powerful marketing channels: SMS. The app employs live agents that will initiate real-time SMS conversations with customers that have abandoned their carts.

Merchants can determine how to configure the triggers that initiate those conversations and customize the text messages that follow. From there, the cart recovery specialists will refer to the brand's knowledge base to answer any outstanding concerns and nudge the potential customer toward checkout with a one-time discount code.

12) Carro

Best cross-store selling app


Carro is an app available on the Shopify marketplace that helps store owners form partnerships with others merchants. The app enables cross-store selling without the need to stock additional products. In other words, Carro facilitates drop shipping for stores that meet their vetting criteria.

This platform can be used to sell into new markets and increase brand awareness. Or, Carro can be used to find new suppliers to populate your own shop. Shopify merchants can search for potential partners based on product or niche and get the conversation started without ever needing to leave Shopify's trusted platform.

Oftentimes, Carro is helpful for selling products that are adjacent to a merchant's own products but that do not compete directly. For example, a women's apparel brand may leverage Carro to upsell high-quality beauty products to its existing customer base. In this way, Shopify store owners can use Carro to diversify their product selection and boost sales.

13) Rebuy Personalization Engine

Best personalization system


Rebuy is an industry-leading personalization system that can be used for improving upsells, cross-sells, and merchandising. Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, Rebuy offers "data-fueled product recommendations" for website visitors. By nailing these in-cart and in-checkout recommendations, merchants enjoy better conversion rates, average order values, and loyalty.

Before launch, the app will read a Shopify store's previous orders to quickly learn customer preferences and the product catalog. From there, the intuitive drag-and-drop builder allows brand owners to customize how product recommendations are presented.

After launch, Rebuy produces results relatively fast. But to build engagement even faster, shop owners can use the app to implement post-purchase offers, smart links, and re-order landing pages.

14) Navidium

Best shipping protection app


Among Shopify marketplace apps for shipping protection, Navidium stands out from the pack. Instead of selling shipping insurance directly, the Shopify app enables merchants to upsell their own in-house protection program.

This self-service platform provides shop owners with the tools necessary to manage their own claims process. As a result, the merchant keeps all of the margins that would typically be taken by third-party insurance providers.

Navidium's Shopify app also helps merchants create more consumer confidence and trust by providing a seamless portal for filing, reviewing, and processing claims. And on higher volume plans, Navidium allows Shopify store owners to take advantage of features like the fraud and chargeback blocker. Plus, the app includes free expert installation, so brands that face frequent lost or damaged shipments have no reason not to try it.

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