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MiscellaneousIf you could not find something in our other categories we are pretty sure you’ll find it here. We put here posts that do not really fit into any other category, so if you are looking for something that is not too specific do look for it in this miscellaneous category below.
Today, in the time of active development of Internet technologies, web design courses are one of the best investments in your future. The ability to work remotely as a freelancer or in a web studio on serious and interesting projects and be financially independent are the main reasons to immediately start your training in web design.
Being a full stack developer may be an unpleasant experience in general. Even the most basic application needs a staggering amount of knowledge. You must understand how HTML works, how CSS can be used to design HTML in one of a million different ways, and whether or not you want any form of interactivity. You are immediately presented with hundreds of web frameworks/libraries, each with its own set of best practices for basically performing the same thing.
There's no question that 2021 has been a bit of a rollercoaster year. Many economies were shuttered or at least slowed down thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, but they are now fully opening up, welcoming customers, and really enjoying the boom that has been missing for almost a year now. You may be thinking that this is the perfect time to launch your business online now that 2021 is looking much more promising. But is there anything you can do that can help to increase your company's odds of succ...
The modern business owner is surely aware of the importance of establishing an online presence. Any business that fails to capitalize on the utility of the internet and the various social media platforms found within are losing out on a lot of potential reach, profit, and loyalty. A website is one of the most effective ways to leverage the internet to increase your reach and to help create a way to bridge communication between your business and your target customers.
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We are not fortune-tellers and we do not like predictions. That is why we didn’t share such a post at the end of 2020. Still, we realize that web design trends play an important role for everyone working in the website construction industry. It's always interesting to see how web design responds and reflects reality. And the realities of our lives have changed a lot since 2020. The worldwide pandemic has greatly impacted our lives and web design did not escape that impact.
The term 'side hustle' is used quite loosely to describe anything that a person does in addition to their primary job or source of income in order to make a little extra money. A side hustle can be related to what a person does for a living, or completely unrelated, though typically it makes more sense to focus on what you know and what you're good at.
Kubernetes and containers promise faster application development and release, quicker bug fixes, increased feature velocity. However, it often comes at the cost of compromised security and that is something not acceptable in any application development environment.
UX design documentation might not seem that important for today's agencies, and it can pale in comparison to research, client interaction, and development. However, documentation will always have its purpose in design; it helps the client understand how the final product will look and feel, and it helps designers have a clear development roadmap in mind. Good documentation emphasizes the end user's pain points and establishes ways in which the new design will solve them while at the same time pr...
Most website development projects involve large files that need to be passed between developers and clients. Managing large files can be a point of frustration for many developers.
Are you interested in becoming a back-end engineer in 2021? Learn more about the necessary skills you’ll need for this position.