20 Great Examples of Great Ruby on Rails Websites

Rails has exploded over the last years, evolved from being the underdog to becoming one of the most widely used web frameworks today. Those working with Rails are hardly surprised, they've been telling the rest of us this will happen eventually, and it seems they were right. This article is for the naysayers and haters, as well as those simply interested in just how diverse Rails websites can be.

The order is pretty random as it's just 20 out of thousands if not millions of websites, to claim they're "the best" would be absurd - but they're diverse enough to support the point that RoR is as diverse a web framework as they get.

Ruby on Rails is an open source web application framework. What makes it unique among its peers is the focus on being user-friendly and intuitive, removing the need for many repetitions in the code or by limiting the use of conventional aspects of an application. As a result, the RoR code is usually shorter and has significantly less repetitions than one would expect.


great Ruby on Rails website

Your "personal digital library" is amazingly designed, with a perfect mix of colours and shapes.

Penny Arcade

great Ruby on Rails website

One of the best-known webcomics that developed into several franchises, with the site exploding with content.


great Ruby on Rails website

A great website for those that want to sell things online but don't have the know-how to do it.


great Ruby on Rails website

Most likely the favorite online hub for developers, the website facilitates collaborative coding and team organization. It's definitely more than your regular social network, the site just bursts with innovative and captivating projects!


great Ruby on Rails website

Launched in 2010, ask.fm is probably the most famous Latvian website. The service concentrates on providing the right answers to a wide variety of questions, always maintaining the anonymity of its users.


great Ruby on Rails website

A great hub for podcasts on practically everything, but also your local news.


great Ruby on Rails website

If you want to create a good looking website, for free and fast - Doodlekit is for you.

Oh, don't forget!

great Ruby on Rails website

A somewhat forgotten website (sic!) in the age of instant messaging and facebook. It lets you send and queue multiple text messages when you want it.

Urban Dictionary

great Ruby on Rails website

The place where your parents go if they want to know what you're talking about, or where you go to find out about weird names for bizarre sexual acts ;)


great Ruby on Rails website

Sometimes you don't want to use youtube or any other popular channel to stream your video, and here comes


great Ruby on Rails website

A website about... websites. Very user-friendly, provides a lot of information without any clutter.


great Ruby on Rails website

A great source of information about food, from news and recipes to reviews of restaurants.


great Ruby on Rails website

If you're a woman there's a chance you know this fashion magazine already, if not - maybe it's time? Even if only to know it's not only Cosmo and Vogue out there ;)


great Ruby on Rails website

Consumer reviews and opinions on anything you can think of. Quite a fun site for an informed consumer.


great Ruby on Rails website

Another food website, this time focused on reviews of more and less known restaurants. You can find real gems here.


great Ruby on Rails website

Formerly known as teambox, this website is one of the best resources for task management, file sharing and company communication.


great Ruby on Rails website

Many of you probably worked on your family trees for school, I bet you wish you had this website then.

Crazy Egg

great Ruby on Rails website

An invaluable tool for anyone designing websites, creates a "heatmap" of where your users click. How cool is that?


great Ruby on Rails website

The only downside to this fantastic site is that it can only be used from within the US. If you have access though, it's one of the best TV shows sites out there.


great Ruby on Rails website

Anyone that ever had to deal with it, knows how taxing and chaotic project management can get. This nifty tool makes it a lot easier.

So there you go, 20 examples of what you can achieve with Ruby on Rails. One thing I have to add at the end though is that despite all its advantages, Ruby has a minor flaw - you need to choose a company that provides rails hosting - many widely known hosting services simply won't work properly. But that's a topic for a completely different article!

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