Miscellaneous Interviews 21 Fun and Extremely Creative Websites for Inspiration

21 Fun and Extremely Creative Websites for Inspiration

VitaliyKolos Interviews May 23, 2019

Choosing the right design for your brand new website (or its revamp) is a usually a daunting task. Creatives and artistic types typically might feel restricted by the boundaries and realities of web design, while developers might not be as imaginative as a more design-oriented mind.

So how do you bridge this gap? Of course, you look at what’s already out there, this will keep the creatives feet on the ground, whilst it could be a good source of inspiration for somebody who is more focused towards development.

If you go and look around the vast World Wide Web, there’s no shortage of design inspirations.

But you might quickly feel overwhelmed by browsing through countless websites to find an inspiring and creative design, particularly if you’re looking at all the regular and (dare we say) mundane stuff out there! So, to help you find some of the most inspiring and creative examples, we dug up the ones that ranked amongst the top voted website designs (some of them even won the respective ‘Web Design of the Year’ awards in various polls).

Check out the following 21 fun and extremely creative websites for inspiration! And if you’re looking for themes and templates to help you design a creative and artistic site, (or maybe you are an actual artist!) you might want to look at the following list from 25 Best (fun!) WordPress Themes for Artists (Free & Premium).

Ready to get inspired? Let’s get started!

1. Revols

Featured on CSS Design Awards

As you can see in the screenshot above, Revols took a rather bold approach to designing their website by making their small, sophisticated wireless headphones look larger than life with the help of video and macro photography. These elements make the website appear highly product focused, bold, and modern.

2. Boosted

Featured on Awwwards

Want to know how Boosted took an average skateboard and got it to the next level? By using hi-def photos and videos of their product and accompanying them with detailed product descriptions on their website. They even used a white background and gray tones to make the website visitors focus more on their brightly colored skateboard and orange call-to-action buttons.

3. Fiftythree Pencil

Featured on SiteInspire

Fiftythree has done a great job at capturing all the features of their Pencil Stylus on their standalone product page using an immersive layout coupled with illustrative product images.

4. Quiver

Featured on Awwwards

Even though you have all reasons to believe that this website isn’t as comprehensive as some of the other examples we have in this list, you can’t help but notice that they have tried to blend the target users’ emotions really well in the background, the copy, and the signup form. Good enough to feature them on Awwwards!

5. Shademaster

Featured on CSSDesignAwards

Maybe roofing isn’t your niche, but it doesn’t hurt to look at Shademaster’s website for design inspiration. Their design makes it super easy for users to navigate to the correct page on the website and receive a quote effortlessly.

6. Zero Financial

Featured on Awwwards

If you’re currently looking for an inspiration for a new website for your mobile app startup, take Zero Financial as an example for that. They have used the right ratio of illustrative images to descriptive text so that the users can relate to the product they have got to offer.

7. S Bottle

Featured on CSS Winner

They had already done a great job at designing a sleek product. But the design of their website didn’t fall short when it came to highlighting its innovative features and making the users feel interested to learn more about the product.

8. Active Theory (v4)

Featured on Awwwards

Active Theory is a creative studio based out of US and their cutting-edge website design can show you what’s next when it comes to the evolution of web design. Certainly one of the top creative websites in this list!

9. SeaStreak

Featured on Webby Awards

SeaStreak offers daytrips and getaways in the form of ferry rides. Their sites UI sets an example of how to keep things organized so that the users are quickly able to build a ferry schedule based on their personal preferences. A beautiful site design, convenience, and speed combined – what else would a user want?

10. Kin

Featured on SiteInspire

Kin has used the larger serif font across their website accompanied by office photography to stand up for their HR Software business. This has helped them get a huge boost of credibility in the eyes of their users and even web design critics.

11. Inside the Head

Featured on Awwwards

If you’re planning to promote your publication or something similar with an online presence, ‘Inside the Head’ is a great example of how to make your website’s design appeal to your modern users.

12. Campos Coffee

Featured on CSS Design Awards

Campos knows it really well how to show its potential customers the effort they put into making their coffee and why they will feel good buying it.

13. Protest Sportswear

Featured on Awwwards

If you wanted to look at an amazing example of how clean and minimalistic design goes with concise copy, check this one out.

14. Workstack

Featured on CSS Winner

Workstack has used full-width imagery and a perfectly chosen color palette to impress their soon-to-be users.

15. Paper Planes

Featured on Awwwards

Watch how Paper Planes pushes its users to send paper planes across the world using the power of innovative design on web and mobile.

16. Wozber

Featured on SiteInspire

As you can see, Wozber has done a fantastic job at breaking down the recipe or step-by-step process that’s required to make a resume stand out from the crowd.

17. Koox

Featured on Awwwards

Koox inspires you to keep the design simple, be creative, and focus more on modern elements to add the flair to it.

18. Ocean Health Index

Featured on W3 Awards

What could be better than using the theme of the ocean for a website related to Ocean Health?

19. The New Mobile Workforce 4

Featured on Awwwards

Many people know Race Day requires peak performance, but some don't have a clue. This website shows everyone how the Citrix team works with the Red Bull Racing team and analyzes data to improve the design of the racing cars.

20. Toggl

Featured on CSSDesignAwards

Toggl's homepage page draws in the users’ attention immediately with their intriguing animation and similar imagery all across the website.

21. Simply Chocolate

Featured on Awwwards

Simply Chocolate has got a great product with amazing branding, apart from a refreshing color palette, full-width imagery, and a creative menu design used on the website.

Final Thoughts

Did you enjoy checking out these amazingly creative websites? Great!

Keep in mind that these websites should not be seen as definitive templates of modern design that you should try to copy. Instead of that, try to analyze the salient parts of their design and find the inspiration that could get your design ‘mojo’ going.

Think it's time to revamp your existing website to get the much-required facelift it deserves? Don’t forget to check out our future posts for more useful tips and advice!

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