Miscellaneous 3 Evergreen Topics for your Next Affiliate Blog

3 Evergreen Topics for your Next Affiliate Blog

A beautiful, usable blog is vital for making a living online - there's no doubt about that. But choosing a topic that is popular among potential readers is also a very important part in turning your passion for web publishing into a profitable business. Having a website that looks and feels attractive and is easy to navigate is just half of the story. The other half is focusing on a topic that will attract large numbers of visitors and to convert them into customers.

Affiliate marketing is perhaps the most widespread way for publishers to make a living, especially in the current age of ad blindness and ad blockers. Affiliates are intermediaries that facilitate the sale of products toward the audience by informing it about the benefits they can expect if they purchase a certain product. Affiliate programs exist on almost every topic, from web hosting to domain registration but there are three that are considered to be the most sought-after and profitable. These are often quoted as the "evergreen" topics of affiliate marketing: money, health, and romance. Today, let us take a brief look at all of them.


Making money online is something that crosses most internet users' minds when discovering the wonders of the internet. And this can be done in many ways, from launching a blog to freelance writing, completing surveys, investing in foreign exchange, and for some, even playing real money games at the Vegas Palms. Wealth affiliates can receive a commission for many things, ranging from directing their readers toward various service providers and publishers to getting them to download the premium software of Canada's favorite online casino.

The "Money" category has many lucrative niches - it only takes a talented marketer to make the most of them.


For many, health is far more important than money - and this makes it the perfect opportunity for a talented online publisher. The "health" category is vast, filled with niches that are sought-after by large numbers of internet users day after day. Health is big business all over the world, and ingenious publishers can make a nice living off it by focusing on markets like diabetes, diets and weight loss, muscle building and performance, and alternative medicine that relies on supplements and various herbal remedies as well as a healthy everyday diet.


Money and health mean nothing if one has nobody to share them with - the constant need to find a significant other is a great force that drives many people online. The "Romance" category also has quite a few lucrative topics in which can be really interesting for your audiences: online dating (which was a $2 billion market in 2015), senior dating, and marriage counseling, among others.

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