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I came across this awesome free templates collection recently. And while I was planning to write a post about this resource it became even better! Please welcome the redesigned FreeTemplatesOnline.

Bullet points:

I love collecting freebies, you might have noticed this by now. And I love sharing those freebies with you. So in my constant search for awesome free design resources I came across this website called FreeTemplatesOnline.

So, let's see what these guys have to offer.

Absolutely Free Templates in Over 30 Thematic Categories

There's over 400 free web templates in the collection. The templates are divided into thematic categories. There are free templates for media websites, education and beauty, eCommerce and real estate, portfolio and business websites, overall there's more than 30 categories.

There's a great choice of free WordPress themes:

Free WordPress Template for Charity Website

free WordPress theme

Car Dealer Free WordPress Theme

free WordPress theme

Farm Free WordPress Template

free WordPress theme

And I love the free Bootstrap templates:

One-Page Free Bootstrap Theme

free Bootstrap theme

Business Casual Free Bootstrap Template

free WordPress theme

Freelancer Portfolio Free Bootstrap Template

free WordPress theme

Creative Agency Free Bootstrap Theme

free WordPress theme

Free Bootstrap Template for Creatives

free WordPress theme

The collection of free templates is updated once in a couple of weeks.

Thousands of Premium Web Templates

There's a great selection of premium templates in various categories and for all possible engines. Plus you'll find very good landing page templates and email newsletter templates.

These premium templates are professionally designed, completely responsive and rather affordable. Take a look at a few examples:

Fashion PrestaShop Theme

free WordPress theme

Jewelry WooCommerce Theme

free WordPress theme

Film Production Company Website Template

free WordPress theme

Marsy's Cleaning WordPress Theme

free WordPress theme

Beauty Website Template

free WordPress theme

This collection is updated daily.


And as I mentioned above - while I was writing this review the website was updated with new design. Here's a before and after look:


Awesome, isn't it?


Along with the new design there's a completely new blog, that promises to become a valuable resource of knowledge on design, development and technology.

The freshest industry news, product updates, improvements and recently added features, the readers will be the first to read about all of the above and more.

My Short Review on FreeTemplatesOnline

This is a good resource of free templates if you are looking for those and don't mind getting into some customization. The older templates among the free ones do look rather outdated, but the more recent ones are very good, modern and what's important - responsive.

The new design is great, the website looks contemporary and more alive now, doesn't it?

Overall - FreeTemplatesOnline is worth a visit. Who knows, maybe the free web template you've been looking for is waiting for you, just a click away.

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