Miscellaneous 5 Mistakes That Can Kill Your Silicon Valley Startup Dream

5 Mistakes That Can Kill Your Silicon Valley Startup Dream

Miscellaneous Dec 01, 2017

Making a success of their Silicon Valley start-up venture is a dream of countless aspiring entrepreneurs. But for every start-up venture that makes its mark in Silicon Valley, there are several others that fizzle out even before taking off the ground. Finding the wind beneath your wings to fly high in the sky of Silicon Valley success requires more than enthusiasm and energy. While paving the route for your start-up journey, you have to steer clear of the hurdles that can prove to be the speed breakers in your way. Here are 5 mistakes that you should avoid to make a success of your Silicon Valley startup dream.

Selecting an obscure niche

Silicon Valley is not only the hub of technology it is also the hub of the sharpest brains working to make their ventures and products stand out from the crowd. If you think it’s better to opt for a marginal niche in order to avoid competition, then you are following the wrong track. Rather than trying to avoid competition concentrate on developing a good venture idea, even if it involves a popular niche that has huge competition.

Adopting a derivative idea

Imitating the success story of an established venture may seem to be an easy way to climb the ladder of success in the Silicon Valley. But that may not be the best thing to do. If you dig into the history of successful start-ups you will find that most had an original idea, to begin with. Instead of adopting a derivative idea to make a success out of it, try to think up a unique and feasible idea.

Being obstinate in your approach

Having a vision of your goal and holding on to it does not always work in the case of start-up ventures. Remaining open to new ideas is important to make your venture get a hold in the competitive landscape of Silicon Valley. Often aspiring entrepreneurs are so attached to their original venture idea that they refuse to budge from it even when the trail seems to indicate something else. Being flexible in your approach can help you to avoid failure.

Lacking team chemistry

Start-up success in Silicon Valley does not depend on the founder alone. It is the result of a great team that sticks together to develop the product, create remarkable user experience, and obtains customers at a rapid speed. If there is no chemistry between the members of your team, the outcome may not be impressive enough to spell success for the venture.

Ignoring paperwork details

In the enthusiasm to build their dream product, aspiring entrepreneurs sometimes tend to ignore the necessary paperwork needed to run the venture. There are various kinds of licenses and permits needed for a startup venture. Whether it is company registration trade license, or something else, not completing the paperwork can even land you in a legal hassle and cut short your dream venture. To avoid such issues, ensure that you have all the paperwork in order.

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