Miscellaneous Software Reviews 5 Tools, Gadgets, and Themes to Take Your Online Business to Another Level

5 Tools, Gadgets, and Themes to Take Your Online Business to Another Level

It’s true to say that we live in an era of startups. There has never been a time that this form of business was peeking so much. Although startups often don’t have big budgets and try to use their own knowledge and creativity to reach their goals.

There are many ways you can boost your sales, especially if you run an e-shop. All sort of marketing always plays a huge role in startups: digital marketing, email marketing, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and much more. But with all these possibilities, a lot of startups still struggle or even fail.

In order not to appear at the end of the line, you’ll need to use everything you can and even be the first one to try some innovative gadgets. Here you’ll find 6 tools, themes, and gadgets that will help you boost your sales, advertise yourself, and even save you some valuable time of yours.


Novoresume is for those, who work for themselves, for those who freelance or sell services. If you are your own boss and work only for yourself - then you definitely have to market yourself. And besides social media, you’ll need a resume for sure: to show it to your potential clients. A resume is also a great way to advertise some of the services you sell. But there’s one important thing you need to have in mind: you’ll never be successful if your resume is either blank or chaotic. You have to set your mind on what kind of message you want to deliver and choose the best resume format for you.

Credit Card Reader

Startups very often trust in networking. And why not? Here you can receive and give recommendations, meet influential people and accomplish so much more. And only if you could sell your product or service on the go... Oh, but wait - you can. With the new credit card reader you can sell anywhere and at any time - while you network, while you take walk, while you travel, walk in a mall or participate in conferences and all kinds of events. It’s small, you can charge it, and with a full battery, you can make sales for approximately a week.


Ask yourself, if you are asking your customers and potential customers to fill forms for you. If not, then you should ask yourself “why?”. With a WordPress form plugin, you can do wonders for your online business, and these are just two out of many examples of how it can help. First of all, by using forms, you can collect emails from your customers and therefore inform them about ongoing sales and offers. The second thing you can do is remove your contacts from your website and ask people to fill a form with questions instead - this will save you tons of time and make your work more efficient. If you’ll make a smart form - it can even help you with cross selling.

Life Coach WordPress Theme

For those of you who specialize in writing, teaching, coaching or run any type of similar business - a life coach WordPress theme is the perfect solutions. It will increase user experience, represent your brand perfectly, and will let your potential customers easily find the information they are looking for. This kind of themes are liked by many because of their versatility: it’s suitable both for selling products or services.

Word Counter

To gain more profits - always learn to count your time, then you’ll start counting money as well. Go ahead and use the simplest and easiest tool that will win you so much time - try out a word counter. It’s that kind of tool that is useful for any kind of business: if you are a writer - the advantage is obvious, if you are a social media expert - it will recommend you how long your text should be, and even if you are a business owner, it will be a huge help for your marketing manager who will be writing content for your website.

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