5 Trouble-Free Ways to Use Videos Efficiently on Your Website

Video marketing is always a winner on every platform. Currently, 85% of online users consume content through videos, and this number keeps growing. Research reveals an average online user spends about 100 minutes watching videos online every day, which is about 84 minutes increase from 2020 statistics.

The bottom line: a large chunk of your target audience consumes videos more than any other form of content online, so if you want to drive this number to your website to increase sales conversions, you will have to invest in using videos efficiently on your website.

Visitors prefer videos on websites because they are more convenient to consume: they are digestible, engaging, and enjoyable to watch.

The question, therefore, isn't if videos should be on your website (because they have to be) but where they should be and how they should be on your website. It's not enough to put videos on your website; what’s more important is doing so the right way.

You can create a good user experience, increase time on site, boost your rankings on Google and ultimately increase your conversion rate.

We will not discuss today how to create videos for your website. There are plenty of online video editors to help you make the video content. This article will show you five simple ways to use videos efficiently on your website for astounding results. First, let’s get started by discussing why using videos efficiently on your website is so important.

Benefits of a great website video content strategy

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There are many advantages to using videos the right way on your website. Let's check out these benefits below:

It helps to showcase your brand's personality to connect faster

Strategically putting great videos on your website is an excellent way to humanize your brand to connect with your visitors rapidly. Many people visit your website without prior knowledge of what your brand is about. At the same time, some visitors come to find out more about your brand. Either way, great videos are a great way to show your visitors how fantastic your brand is.

With videos, you can give your visitors a sneak peek of how great your team is, how professional you are and how willing you are ready to help your visitors solve their problems.

In seconds, your visitors have a clear grasp of who your brand is and feel like they are a part of your brand already. Videos are a great way to welcome your visitors to the party without trying too hard.

Videos create a better user experience to increase the time your visitors spend on your site.

Your target audience never wants to get bored while on your website, nor do they want to have trouble trying to consume the information on your site. If you create website video content the right way, you can create an excellent experience for your users.

This is because excellent videos are engaging, so your audience can never get bored. Amazing video content also has fewer bugs, so your visitors never have problems navigating through your content.

When your visitors feel engaged and have a great time consuming your content, they will never be in a hurry to leave your site. They get hooked, so rather than leave your site, they spend more time browsing through the content on your site.

The increased time rate signals to the Google algorithm that your website deserves to be seen by more people, so there are increased rankings for your website's content.

What's more? Pleasant experiences equate to repeated experiences. When your visitors have a great experience on your website, they feel encouraged to visit again. They share your content across other platforms with their friends and people they think would benefit from your valuable video content.

What happens when your content gets more shares, engagement, and readers? Increased traffic, visibility, and sales.

5 trouble-free ways to use videos the best way on your website

5 Trouble-Free Ways to Use Videos Efficiently on Your Website 2


Now that you know how strategically creating effective videos on your website is good business, let's dive straight into the five practical ways to use videos efficiently on your website.

Use subtitles for your videos

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One of the ultimate goals of your video content strategy is to enable as many people as possible to consume your content. However, no matter how great your website video is, you automatically exclude many people from your viewing list if you don't add subtitles to your videos.

Research reveals 5% of the world's population experiences hearing impairment, which is about 360 million people. About 253 million people have vision impairment. Therefore, by not including subtitles in your videos, you exclude about 700 million people from consuming your content.

By adding captions to your videos, your video content becomes understandable to everyone. This way, your content can optimally engage a larger audience, which helps generate traffic and increase your conversion rate.

An excellent video caption generator like Happyscribe subtitle generator helps you transcribe your website video content to suit various audiences. It also enables you to transcribe your video into several languages to enhance your content accessibility to a larger audience.

This way, anyone who visits your website won't have trouble comprehending any of your content. This helps you get the best results with your website video content strategy efforts.

Remember, no matter how awesome your website video content is, it becomes ineffective if it's not accessible. A good video caption generator is how you subtitle your videos to enhance your video content accessibility to achieve excellent results.

Optimize your website videos for SEO

If you want to use videos efficiently on your websites, it's crucial to harness the power of SEO. What's the point of creating excellent video content on your website if no one gets to view it?

An effective SEO strategy helps increase footfalls on your website by making it easy for your target audience to view your website.

How do you infuse SEO into your website video content strategy? While there are more technical ways to get this done, the simplest way is to make use of relevant keywords.

When you use a video caption generator to subtitle for your videos, ensure to put the keywords your audience is looking for. A keyword generator tool for YouTube like Ahrefs’ can come in handy.

So, when your audience searches for these related keywords on your search engine, your website can pop on their screens before your competitors, thereby increasing your website's traffic.

Add a homepage background and explainer video

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Don't make your visitors spend so much time on your website before they know what your brand is about.

They really don't have to visit the second, third or fourth page on your website before they have an idea of what your brand does; welcome your visitors with a homepage background video.

A homepage background is a quick, interesting way to communicate your brand's message to your audience the moment they land on your website. Use your homepage to display your brand's values and benefits in the most precise way possible.

While a homepage background video communicates your product or service benefits, a homepage explainer video is a great way to explain how your product or service works to your audience.

By creating both a background video and explainer video on your website, you are able to reveal your brand's personality to engage your visitors and keep them interested in spending more time on your site.

Use videos for your product descriptions

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Although pictures are a great way to display your products, videos have proven to be more engaging; 68% of consumers prefer learning about a product or service through videos than other forms of content. The reason for this is simple, videos are more digestible and fun to watch.

Videos deliver your products and services features and benefits in a biteable and interesting way. They also let you say so much in so little time. With video content, your audience won't get bored reading what your brand has in store for them because they can have a full grasp of all the information they need in a short time.

However, in all you do with your website video description, ensure to keep them as short as possible. This way, your audience won't get bored consuming long content and move on to something else.

Use videos for your testimonials

Testimonials are a great way to convince your visitors that you are good at what you do. They are a powerful form of social proof that drives sales conversion exponentially.

This is because they serve as living proof of your business's success. They show how many people your business has impacted and how your business can impact your visitors' lives as well.

However, testimonials are better delivered with videos. This is because videos are more authentic and can convey your customers' success stories more engagingly. Create perfect testimonials through videos to get the best results on your website.


Improving your website video content strategy is critical to achieving the best results on your website. An excellent website video content strategy increases your clicks, generates more leads, and converts your website visitors to recurring customers.

This article discussed five straightforward ways to use videos efficiently on your website. Follow the tips discussed to improve your website video content strategy for excellent results.

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