Miscellaneous Inspiration 5 Typography Tips for Trade Show Displays

5 Typography Tips for Trade Show Displays

VitaliyKolos Inspiration Jul 21, 2017

Trade show displays are one of the most important elements of your booth at any event. Signage has to perform several functions, including capturing the interest of event attendees from a distance.

The typeface you use plays a huge role in how well your signage will show up as people walk down the aisle your booth is on. Try to envision everything from the height of your signs to the size font of your text. All this comes into play when designing the best overall look of your booth. Here are five tips to help make sure your typography for your trade show displays is up to par.


Think about how well the typeface you choose will show up on a crowded exhibit floor, and will also make a good first impression on the viewer. First impressions correlate to long-term attitudes a customer has about a company. If you choose a difficult-to-read script font, people may be turned off, and that impression will stick with them. Stick with fonts that are easy to read and translate well into a larger font size.


You need to have a nice balance of negative and positive space, and the shades between the two must contrast. This allows your text to stand out to the reader and almost pop off any signage. One thing that is vital is to make your company name stand out — this makes it easy for everyone attending to see your company name and remember it. They may not get a chance to stop by your booth, but they will remember seeing the signage.

Line Length

You probably have a lot you’d like to say with your trade show display. The challenge will be to keep it short and to the point. Keep headlines in your trade show displays short — around one or two sentences at most. Writing a headline that is too long can also impact your typeface and how visible it is as people enter the area where your booth is set up. A long headline will necessitate a smaller font size, which may be more difficult to read from a distance.

Combining Fonts

You may be unsure if you should combine fonts on your signage. Perhaps your typography logo is in one font, but you’d really like to include your company tagline in a different font. It is perfectly OK to use more than one font, as long as you choose complementary fonts for a clean, crisp look. For example, don't use a modern graffiti-looking font with an old-fashioned script. The styles are too different to mesh well. Also, limit the number of fonts you use — too many looks messy and haphazard.


Consistency is the key to creating signage that shines a positive light on your company and makes people remember you and your brand name. Use the same fonts and colors across all your advertising material, both at the trade show and outside of it.

If you create printed material to hand out at your booth, it should match the signage in some way. If you pass out promotional items, such as T-shirts, hats or totes, the typography on these giveaways should line up with other typography in your booth.

Applying these principles to your trade show displays will give your booth a professional appearance. The goal is for attendees to remember your booth long after the trade show is past. By using big, bold typography and creating a nice balance on the sign, you will stand out from the competition.

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