6 Reasons that Creatives Do Their Best Work at Night

Have you ever wondered why highly successful people seem to pick up steam while you start to lose energy as the day heads into night? Believe it or not, there is actually science that supports the notion that successful people seem to do their best work as night falls upon them.

Perhaps, you are one of those people. If not, you are probably wondering what it is science has found that differentiates the people who work well at night versus, you, someone who seems to perform better by the light of day. While many people work well at night, you still need to get enough sleep to function at a high level.

In the sections below, the discussion will center on the six reasons why creative people work better at night.

1. Empty Mind Leaves Room for Thought

During the day, the world is on fire with activity. Phones are beeping, horns are blowing, people are talking, machines are humming and everything seems to be in motion. The sheer number of distractions that are bombarding the human brain are immeasurable. It's often more than even the most brilliant among us can process. At night as the distractions die down, the most brilliant minds get an opportunity to operate at full capacity.

2. Less Stress

By day, most people have to deal with stress on multiple levels. The boss has demands, customers are looking for answers, there are appointments that need to be kept, family responsibilities keep popping up during the day and personal issues always seem to be occupying part of the mind. At night, there's a calmness that seems surround everything. That calmness has a tendency to lower stress levels, which makes room for creativity.

3. Brilliant People Tend to Be Nocturnal

Studies have been done that shows there is a correlation between the "Intelligence Quotient (IQ)" and the ability to function better at night. Based on these results, it would seem fair to extrapolate that people who function better at night tend to be smarter than those that don't.

4. Night Owls Are Physically Stronger

It takes endurance and strength to function normally during the day while starting to perform better after nightfall. Studies show that this strength tends to come from an increase in motor cortex and spinal cord excitability in the late evening hours.

5. Night Owls Take More Risks

Have you ever wondered why the world's best poker players prefer playing at night? It turns out there's a correlation between a person's willingness to take risks and their ability to perform at night. The term risk can also apply to someone having an entrepreneurial spirit that increases after the sun goes down.

6. The Mystery of Nighttime

There's something mysterious about walking through the world while most of the other creatures are fast asleep. This mystery tends to have the ability to increase motivation, inspiration and a sense of tranquility. These are the kinds of attributes that set the table for creativity.

If you are not sure how you would perform at night, there's nothing wrong with staying up longer than normal to find out. If you use that time to do something creative, you might surprise yourself by the level of creativity and efficiency you exhibit. Who knows, there's a possibility you might be smarter or stronger than you originally thought.

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