6 Tips for Designing the Perfect Coffee Shop Website


Are you looking for an effective way to grow your customer base as a coffee shop? Investing in a coffee shop website is a practical way to meet your goals and stand out from the competition. Here are six tips for designing the perfect coffee shop website.

1. Have a definite brand concept

The first step to designing a great coffee shop website lies in defining your brand concept. What would you like your online coffee business to be known for? Are you a modern and sophisticated coffee shop that aims to allure fancy consumers, or are you a quaint coffee shop that likes to keep it classic?

By having a clear brand concept, you’ll be able to decipher what best appeals to your target audience on your website. This includes the general theme, colors, and images that will bring out the uniqueness of your coffee shop.

2. Optimize online ordering

Your coffee shop website is only as good as how well it helps to convert users into buyers. Settle for functionality by optimizing your website for online ordering through:

Spotlighting your menu and making it interactive

Showing the day’s special deals

Propelling fast ordering by having a one-click ordering option

Offering online reservation

Encourage email sign-ups

3. High quality imagery

When it comes to having an enticing coffee shop website, imagery is your best asset. Avoid the use of generic photos that are easily found online by hiring a professional photographer to capture the charm of your coffee shop.

Ensure that images of your most unique products are strategically placed as the most inviting element on each page to give you a natural selling point.

4. Focus on user experience

Building a beautiful website is never enough to win the loyalty of your target customers. You need to create a site with the best user experience by making your interface simple to encourage more usage. The best way to do this is to avoid having everything on one page, as this will only increase loading time and make your site too crowded.

The best practice is to have a website with easy access sections that give users the ability to instantly find what they are looking for. Don’t forget to make your home page centered on users making their coffee orders.

5. Think mobile

Research shows that the majority of modern consumers use their smartphones and tablets as their primary browsing devices. The most practical way to gain more traffic as a coffee shop is to fully optimize your website for mobile usage. This way, you will attract more traffic and capitalize on the majority of consumers who order their coffee while on the move.

6. Show your location and opening times

As a coffee shop, your goal should be to make as many sales as possible by attracting online orders as well as foot traffic. Including the location of your shop and showing your opening and closing times on your website is great way to accomplish this.


Your coffee shop website needs to be a functional extension of your physical shop. Give your target clients what they need by using these tips to build a high-performance site.

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