7 Best Universities to Study Web Design

A web designer is someone who is half an artist and the other half a tech wizard and uses artistic concepts that are basic to create websites that are functional and beautiful, and a web designer can also code the many individual features that are present on any website to absolute perfection. They are lovers of innovation and technology, and what they always look for is new ways through which they can make their own designs a lot more usable.

Seems like a very interesting career path, right? If you are already in love with all of these, then you might just be a web designer at heart already. Then, the next thing for you to do is to consider attending one of the many web design colleges and get a web design degree. This step is the very first step that you have to take before you can become a web designer and it is probably going to be the most important one because the task of selecting one out of the many web design schools offering different web design programs is one that is extremely daunting.

Different schools and colleges always have different requirements, and it is important that you consider the different requirements of the schools. There are schools that require the writing of an essay for application. If you are going to get into the school of your choice to study your dream course, then you need to get a perfect essay. You can achieve this online by getting a good reviews service to help you review your essay and check reviews of essay writing services can help you achieve this. Now, let’s look at some of the very best universities that have very wonderful web design programs.

The universities include:

1.The Academy of Art University:

this university has its campus in the San Francisco area, and it offers both online and on-campus degrees. It is important to note that the San Francisco area is very expensive to live in. There are a variety of programs offered by the Academy of Art University, including Master’s, Bachelor’s, Associate’s degrees. The art school is a private school, and the program on web design focuses more on major concepts of design. The technical aspect that comes with web design is also focused on this program. The cost of attending this university is about $18,840 every year.

2. Franklin University:

this university is a non-profit, public university that offers online and also on-campus programs on web design even though about 80% of all of the students in this school attend the school virtually. There are personal development personnel, coach or mentor that is paired to each of the students of the school. It is possible for those that are acquiring a Bachelor’s degree to take elective classes, and these classes count towards the master’s degree program. The cost of attending Franklin is $13,640 each year, and there is an accreditation by the famed Higher Learning Commission.

3. Colorado Technical University:

this university offers an IT bachelor’s degree that comes with a specialization in web design. The program can be taken on the campus and also online. This particular degree is a lot more technical than the usual web design program. The program includes learning about new media, mobile web design, 3D technology, and other types of design concepts employing the use of different tools. The cost of attending Colorado Technical University is about $14,950 each year, and there is an accreditation by the famed Higher Learning Commission as well.

4. Full Sail University:

this is a private career-oriented university, which means that it is not necessary that you attend classes that are core, unlike at a traditional university. The school offers a Bachelor’s degree in the Web design program, and it can be taken on the campus or online. The course focuses primarily on technical skills and also design concepts. There are also programs for master’s degree offered in specializations like media design, online marketing, and many others. The cost of an online program for a bachelor’s degree is about $13,500.

5. Kaplan University:

this school offers a very wide variety of programs. Like most of the universities and colleges on this list, classes can be taken online or on the school campus. Before you can take the certificate program on advanced web design, you have to have an IT degree, not to worry; it is possible to obtain the degree through them. To attend Kaplan University, you need about $12,272 in tuition every year.

6. American Intercontinental University:

this is another university that is privately owned, there are a lot of Master’s, Bachelor’s and Associate’s degree programs that are offered by this university. It has an online degree program in Fine Arts which concentrates majorly on web design. Basic design concepts are learned by the students alongside the methods and technical facet of web design. The cost of attending American Intercontinental University is about $20,000 every year.

7. Southern New Hampshire University:

this university, just like almost every other university on this list, offers its classes both on the campus and also online for different Master’s, Bachelor’s and Associate’s degree programs in IT. The school is a very reputable one and has gotten a lot of recognition and awards for the different degree programs that it has to offer and also for its strong innovation. The degree program in IT focuses on the technical aspects of the industry. The cost of attending Southern New Hampshire University is about $27,234 every year.

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