7 Newsletter Design Tips

Email newsletters are an important aspect of marketing for every business. Creating a great newsletter means that you have the opportunity to tell people about events, products and promotions in an engaging way. To make sure your newsletters are as effective as they should be you need to get some email design inspiration. Remember, that you want people to value the newsletters you send and to take any actions that you want them to. Here are 7 Newsletter Design Tips to help you achieve this.

Use more than one call to action

In most emails that you send you will probably use just one call to action (CTA). However, newsletters are longer and you have the chance to layer your CTAs throughout the newsletter. Remember to include the most important CTAs first as these are the ones that you most want the reader to act upon.

Make sure that content is unique

It's important that the content you include in your newsletters is unique. You also need to make sure that it's relevant and engaging. Include stories and announcements that the reader can relate to.

Include images and media in your newsletters

A newsletter that is full of text can be very difficult to read. This is why it's a good idea to include some images along the way. If the images you include are relevant and appropriate they can help the reader to visualise the story or concept that you are trying to get across.

It's important to remember that you should not go overboard with the amount of images you include in your newsletters. Make sure that every image you use is relevant and that it complements text rather than replacing it.

Stick to the same design and branding concept

Once you have a design concept for your newsletter make sure that you stick to it. This helps readers to associate your content with your brand. It helps if you use colours that are representative of your brand when you are designing your newsletter.

Make sure that fonts are easy to read

One of the most important things that you need to remember, when it comes to designing a newsletter, is that it needs to be easy to read. This is why you should generally use san serif fonts in black or dark grey.

Include brand engagement tools in your design

One of the biggest reasons for creating a newsletter in the first place is to encourage people to engage with your brand. This is why it's so important to make sure that you include brand engagement tools in your newsletter design. For instance, include buttons that can be clicked in order for people to share content and include links to your social media sites.

Test newsletters before you send them

You want to make sure that recipients get a good experience when they are reading your newsletter. This is why it makes sense to send the newsletter to yourself and read it using various devices, so that you can check for any problems with readability.

These tips should help you create an effective and engaging newsletter for your business.

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