7 Traits of Successful Fashion and Beauty Influencers

The fashion and beauty markets are some of the most competitive and saturated industries in the world today. This is true both offline and online. Throw websites, blogs and social media into the mix, and you have millions of sites and brands always competing to get your attention, likes and sales.

Through the use of starting a fashion and beauty blog, anyone can get a little piece of the pie in either of these markets. However, in order to make it a successful blog, you are going to need to put a lot of time, work and effort into the process.

When you are searching for anything related to fashion or beauty, then you may have liked their way of blogging. And you want to apply those tips and tricks to your existing blog.

Suppose you are among those bloggers, who want to make their beauty and fashion blog more impressive and successful. Then here in this post, we will share some of the best and top 7 traits of a successful fashion and beauty blog.

The above post is beneficial for those who have just started their blog or those who are already running their blog but cannot get as much as a response from their blog.

Always research before writing any topic

No matter, for which topic you have started writing, you should research for the topic before starting your writing work. It includes what people are searching, what will be the keywords for that topic, and what other bloggers are writing on a particular topic.

At the same time, it’s important that you don’t need to be an English major or a published author in order to have a website or blog with written text content. For times like these, it’s a good idea to search out freelance content creators on writing platforms like TextBroker and others. This way, you can focus your expertise and talents on fashion and beauty tips and marketing, instead of spending endless hours on the actual writing process.

Things to remember while researching the topic

  • Always check the top and trending websites in your research list
  • Do catch how frequently they are adding posts
  • Check how much they are active on their social media
  • While you have just started your blogging, then you should always use keywords with less competition and high search volume.
  • Try to make a post on the controversial topics, as these are the topics which will get more traffic and searches
Stay organized

When you have started a new blog, then you should ensure that you must organize your blog effectively. If you have an organized blog, then you can only retain visitors on your blog. Make sure that while you are writing on beauty and fashion, then you should focus on the same niche. And when it comes to staying organized, make sure your working space is clean and is in a motivational setting as well. As reported by Forbes, most content creators and influences in the beauty and fashion space are actually working from home. With this in mind, it’s important to make sure your working environment is a fun and energetic area to be in.

While selecting any of the topics, you should ensure that they must be related to each other. Even though, try to give a most-appropriate category to your post. And ensure that it must be connected to the topic.

How to organize your blog?

  • Try to make categories into your blogs, if you need to find any related topic, then you can easily do so.
  • Give the best and highly-suitable tags to your post.
  • Always add a search button into your blog, so that everyone can search easily whatever they are looking for.
  • Whether you are doing blogging as a part-timer or full-time, you must make a schedule to plan your posts.
  • Focus on the design of your blog

Besides the many data points and factors mentioned above, the design of your site also matters. Only a user-friendly website with great navigation can grab the attention of the readers. You should ensure that you must use a good theme and the right colour combination for your blog.

While you are choosing WordPress as your website building platform, then you can find out the number of themes that suit your niche. Even though it is the platform, where you can choose any of the plugins depending upon your need.

Points to remember while choosing the design of your blog

  • Ensure that the design must be user-friendly
  • Do check that design of the website must be perfect for the fashion and beauty blog
  • Always check the design of your website, must have proper navigation
Must have SEO knowledge

While you are blogging, then you should know about the process of search engine optimization and how it plays a role in the site ranking process. If you have this knowledge, then you are much more likely to see your blog rank higher than if you didn’t have any of these methods in place. With the right SEO knowledge and plan in place, this will allow your site to rank for various keywords and search phrases, while also bringing new targeted traffic to your site daily.

In addition to generic SEO tactics, it’s important to make sure you focus on social media as well. By using social platforms like Pinterest, it’s been proven to help with search rankings and social signals to help boost the brand and ranking power of your site as well.

Some of the benefits of having SEO knowledge in fashion and beauty blogging

  • Help you in choosing the right keyword for your blog
  • You can make your blog SEO friendly
  • If you have SEO knowledge, then you can build backlinks for your website
  • You can easily add keywords, and write a meta description for your blog
  • You can easily adjust keywords into your post
Allow sharing easier

While you are working on the fashion and beauty blog, then you must focus on making your blog gets shared by your readers easier. It will boost the sharing for your blog, improve traffic on your blog, enhance reach for your post, and enhance the credibility of your blog.

What are the platforms to use for sharing?

When choosing which social networking platform is best for your site and brand, it’s important to make sure you focus on the ones that make it easy to target your exact audience. For example, Facebook is loaded with a ton of groups and fan pages for people interested in fashion and beauty. These are great target audiences, but can also be found on different social platforms as well. Be sure to consider each of the following.

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram

In this case, if you are choosing WordPress as your website building platform, then you can find out a number of plugins using which you can make your users share your posts easier.

Must have experience in writing

No matter how great your personal brand or reach might be online, it’s important to make sure your written content is professional and reads really well. If you have great writing skills, it will be a lot easier to write content for your audiences, while also helping your site rank better and get linked to from other sources. Before starting your next blog post, you should have prior experience and expertise in whatever it is you might be writing about.

Points to remember while writing any blog post

  • Try to make your post unique. Always check plagiarism after completing your writing task
  • Always avoid grammatical errors. There are many grammar checking tools available across the internet using which you can check for the grammar
  • Always add copyright-free images into your post
  • Always add meta title and meta description to your post
  • Focus on H1, H2, and bullet points while making your post
Focus on social media

We cannot ignore the value and power of social media as it has become quite an effective means of advertising and branding in nearly all markets. No matter if you are focusing on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, they are all very beneficial in getting more visitors back to your site. Whether you are new to blogging or you have an existing site, you should definitely have a plan in place to focus on the sheer power and reach of social media.

To see what’s possible in this space, be sure to follow fashion bloggers and influencers to see what type of content they are creating, who they are following and the brands they are working with as well. No matter what industry you are in, it’s important to always share your posts on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin to engage with visitors and bring users back to your website.


To find success in any niche market or facet of the internet, it’s going to take a lot of time, research and analysis of what’s already out there. After reading through each of the resources and reference guides above, we hope you now have a much better understanding of the associated and necessary traits of running a successful fashion and beauty blog.

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