7 Ways to Create More Engagement in Instagram

Since I started Instagram, I've noticed a fever for knowing how to get followers on Instagram, since many instagramers of this social network have quickly gained followers and earn money with their influence.

It is always said that to get followers on Instagram the most important thing is what content you upload, and this is true, however it is not the only thing that will make you win followers. If you upload good content you will gain followers, but if you want to accelerate your growth on Instagram you must read this article.

The best way to gain followers on Instagram is to be popular in some media, Blog or social network and will follow you on Instagram. But if you do not have followers’ traffic in any media, I give you some tips to accelerate the growth of followers:

1. Use popular Hashtags

Yes, I know what you think. Everyone says the same thing, use hashtags and you'll get followers! That's a lie, I do not want you to be disappointed. That is a myth. But the real reason for using popular hashtags is that a lot of people and especially online brands are continuously interacting with accounts that use these popular hashtags:

  • #Love
  • #Instagood
  • #Photooftheday
  • #Fashion
  • #Beautiful
  • #Happy
  • #Like4like
  • #Picoftheday
  • #Art
  • #Photography

By putting these hashtags you will have more likes in your publications and consequently a greater reach in each one of them. And why do they have to be popular hashtags?

Because they are the most active, more people follow them and visualize their publications, etc. Therefore, in each publication you must put popular hashtags.

2. Make videos and LIVE Stories

It is one of the latest trends for many reasons. One is because the live videos are positioned in the best place on Instagram, in the first position of Instagram stories.

Another reason, and very important, is that the followers connect and feel more feeling with the accounts that make videos (already happened previously with Facebook LIVE) and they show themselves in a transparent way, telling their stories in a natural and close way.

So if you ask yourself: How to get followers on Instagram? Plan to do a live video every day (or once a week) and you will gain followers.

3. Discuss publications of another accounts

One thing very popular, and that suits you, is that your followers comment your post. When a publication receives many comments, your publications have a wider reach.

You can try and regularly comment on an account, then you will see how this person is more eager to comment on your photos too.

Also, when commenting important accounts publications you will get to spread your brand to many people. That will make many who read you access your profile interested in knowing you. Careful with this! Do not spam and do not be too daring or they may block you.

Social networks are that, social! Who does not write much to the other accounts, will not receive many comments either.

4. Creating multiple accounts or joining POD groups

One of the actions you should take into account is that you will need support from other accounts. This happens with all brands, for example, a singer always has a fan club which is spreading its news constantly. It is not the same diffusion with a single account as with two or three.

If you want to gain followers on Instagram, what you should do is create several accounts with which to spread among them, or else, join POD groups that consists of agreeing with the people of the group to go supporting each other: they give likes, they announce themselves among themselves, they comment, they make LIVES together, videos.

Note that almost all instagramers have friends who are also influencers.

5. The method "I give likes, I receive likes"

It is proven that the more you use the Instagram application the more visits your profile has, more increase the reach of your post and more increase the number of your followers.

That is what this method consists of: "I give likes, I receive likes" since being generous and giving "I like" to other accounts, some people who receive them usually access your profile and give you "I like " in return.

And even more, you could buy Instagram likes, comments or even followers to boost more your account. You could try iigers, a professional company with a well-established track record and a good reputation among the instagramers that operate this through real Instagram profiles, no fakes!!

6. Upload popular content

Every Instagram community manager has a series of tricks to increase the reach of the publications. One of them is the upload of content that usually always like. Among them are usually:

  • The selfies Close up of our face and if it is smiling better.
  • Special moments such as weddings, birthdays, completion of a course, well-deserved holidays, moments with family etc.
  • Deep moments such as beautiful landscapes with motivating phrases, sunsets, romantic photos with the couple, humanitarian aid, etc.
  • Trending photos: showing the food, your sexy body, etc.
7. Draw sweepstakes or contests

This trend has gone to more and now almost anyone performs sweepstakes and contests. If you do not have any product / service to provide, you can always associate yourself with a brand so that they can provide the gifts.

How it works is forcing people who wants to participate to follow us and follow the brand too. That makes us gain followers quickly.

Many of these followers will stop following us after the draw / contest, but we should create an expectation that there will be more similar draws soon, so that they will not abandon us so easily.

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