Miscellaneous 9 Tools To Better Manage Your Freelance Business

9 Tools To Better Manage Your Freelance Business

When people think about freelancing, they often think of working on your laptop by the beach, sipping tropical cocktails.

But freelancing isn’t easy. There’s the job you are paid to do… And then there is managing your online presence, marketing, bookkeeping, and more. How can you juggle it all without burning out?

Well, you have to stop trying to do everything manually, and start investing in the tools that will save you a lot of time in the long run. Here are 9 apps and services that you should check out if you want to make your life easier.


Having a contact form on your website can really help you manage the incoming requests. But how can you set it up when you don’t know any coding? Developers can get really expensive. Luckily, there’s no need to hire one, because with CaptainForm you can create a simple wordpress form without any coding!

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When you are creating a website, you often need placeholder text, and writing it from scratch everytime can be really annoying. This is where lorem ipsum plugins can help you. They allow you to easily add placeholder lorem ipsum text in WordPress, Sublime Text, Atom, and more. It might not seem like a big deal at first, but believe me, it will save you tons of time throughout your career.

Heroic FAQs

Has keeping up with email become a huge headache? One of the easiest ways to lighten the burden is to set up a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section on your website. You can easily do that with this WordPress FAQ Plugin from Heroic Themes.


Having a chatbot is a great way to answer customers’ questions without having to spend tons of time on it. But what if you don’t know how to code and can’t build one yourself? No worries! Botsify will show you how to create a chatbot without any code!


You shouldn’t neglect your resume. Take a look at yours. Is it up to date? Good. But don’t forget that it also has to be visually appealing - a simple Word document won’t do! Want that polished, professional look? Novoresume resume templates can help!


Keeping track the invoices you have issued can be quite tricky without the right tools. But there are so many invoicing apps out there… Which one should you use? I highly recommend Invoice Ninja, an open source platform that provides all the functionality that you need, from time tracking to beautiful customizable invoices.

WordPress PayPal shopping cart plugin

Want to reduce email back-and-forth? You should provide people with the ability to simply buy your services on your website. This is where having a simple shopping cart comes in handy. Install the plugin and embed “Add to Cart” buttons anywhere on your website!

Fundle Bundle

Want to spice up your website and make it truly stand out from the competition? Generic design won’t do - you’ll need to add some custom details. Design bundles are a great and affordable way to customize your website without spending a ton of money. Plus you will also be supporting independent designers who create them!


What if you want to redesign your entire website from the ground up? Well, the most straightforward way would be to hire a professional web designer, but who has money for that? I suggest you to go with Elementor drag-and-drop theme builder that allows you to create beautiful WordPress themes without having to write a line of code. More than 700,000 people are using it already!


When you encounter a little pesky task that costs a lot to outsource, you should look for apps and services that would allow you to handle it yourself. You don’t need to learn coding or design to get the results you want. Get the right tools and you’ll be all set!

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