Add a Professional Touch to Your Web Development Business

The web development business is a very competitive industry in which new start-ups crop up every week. In fact, most freelancers need to project a professional image as they run a tight ship early on. Given that most of the industry players are creatives and freelancers, there has been a perennial complaint about the lack of professionalism. The lack of standardization has kept it open for entry by any person with basic web development skills. You can never overemphasize the importance of looking professional. There are a number of policies that a web development business can implement to enable them to project a professional image.

Take Your Online Presence Seriously

Research shows that 81% of potential client’s research online before seeking to buy products or services. That is why you have to standardize and optimize your online presence for the sake of visibility but also professionalism. You need a functional, and aesthetics website, a strong social media brand, and manage all brand references to your name online. The presence of weak social media use, jumbled up site and cluttered online presence paints your firm as unprofessional and even suspect. A professional looking and well organized online presence denote professionalism, integrity, and reliability.

Use Clear & High-quality Images

Photos are the simplest and most effective means of introducing your services to your clients. Clear images are known to increase click rates by up to 46%. Large, realistic, visually appealing photos allows your potential clients to have a look at the kind of work you do or have done in the past. That’s why you ought to hire a professional photographer to take photos of your firm, staffers, and any other items that would build your marketing goals. If you don’t have a big budget you can rely on the latest trendy phones which have the ability to take professional-grade photos.

Order Business Cards

This may sound obvious but business cards are still an excellent tool for marketing yourself and your product. There are lots of freelance sites online where you can order for quality, top-grade business cards for your firm. Having the cards professionally done will not only save you money and time, they will also look far much better. Make sure the business card has a visible logo of your firm, do not cram it with too much content, use a readable typeface, and stick to one or two colors. Make sure all the essentials: your name, title, company name, address, phone and email and website addresses and fax numbers are included.

Set Up A Business Email Account

Your Gmail (G Suite) or Yahoo address may work well for friends and family. However, when it comes to sending emails to clients, email marketing or liaising with other firms you need a professional and consistent branding. Your official email address should use your domain name [email protected] This not only makes you look professional; it also comes with upgraded email security features. To accomplish this, you need a reliable email service provider. Email providers like Office 365 for Business and Google Apps for Business are the best and most popular in the market. These two offer a 99.9% uptime, huge storage online capacity, document editing and more.

Get a Dedicated Phone Number/P.O. Box

Having a phone number for your business is such a critical aspect of creating a professional persona. A separate number for your business allows you to give out contact details without having to divulge your private phone number. You can also opt for a cell phone line since they are cheaper and more convenient to integrate a Google Voice number. A separate P.O box mailing address is also an efficient way to connect with your clients without giving out your privacy. You can go further and secure Mail Boxes Etc. or UPS Store which provides your street address.

Professional Invoice Templates

One of the easiest ways to project a professional persona for your web development business is to rely on invoicing templates. You should invoice quickly. You should also use invoice software when it comes to actually creating an invoice. A professionally done invoice incredibly raises the profile and stature of your business. First, you should rely on a unique invoice design. Secondly, change your invoice language to be consistent with the rest of your firm’s communication. Thirdly invoice them with a personalized message. Lastly, you can offer online payment option when invoicing.

Provide a Welcoming Interior

Lots of web development freelancers are able to source for clients online. However, in the event that clients have to visit your firm’s physical location then you need to give it an upscale look. You will need to have a well-built lobby since it’s the first place clients will see when they arrive and the last that they will see when leaving. If you have a team of staffers, then you will need to enforce a code of conduct and a code of dressing. You can even go further and have printed merchandise on your firm which you can give out to potential clients who show up at your firm’s doorstep.

Look the Part

Personal presentation is such a central part of projecting a professional mien. Even if you are a freelance web development expert there will be many moments when you’ll have to go out and meet potential clients. Dress up in a formal wear or at the very least a smart casual wear. Always arrange to meet clients at decent locations and during official working hours. You should aim to balance between comfort and business, casualty and professionalism. Most importantly you should be courteous, responsive and clear in how you communicate with your clients.

Outsource When Necessary

Web development business encompasses content creation, web design, graphic design, SEO, and even social media management. While some of these tasks are core to your business, some are non-core and it's far much easier to outsource them to Upwork and Freelancer.com. This not only enables you to focus on your core functions and deliver great work, it also allows you to get excellent products and services from third parties. This is especially critical given that clients will expect you to manage the entire scope of the web development project.

Choose Brand Colors, Fonts, and Logo

Branding is such a central aspect of web development business. You need to choose the specific fonts that your firm will use. It has to be an aesthetic, effective and legible font. You should also choose brand colors that reflect your virtues and the industry dynamics. Specific colors have a specific impact on clients. For example, blue is mostly used by financial institutions but also tech companies, especially social media firms. This is because the color is believed to create a sense of relatability, trust, and reliability.

Final Thoughts

Making your firm look professional increases conversions, raises sales and boosts your overall image in the industry. Given that most web design firms have lousy structures, when you implement these goals you’ll be head and shoulder above your peers. The most important issue is to exploit all the industry and sector-specific tricks that make it easy for you to project a professional persona.

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