Best Techniques to Create an Eye-Catching Above the Fold

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Typically, people have people very short attention span. Therefore, there’s a need to craft your website content’s to help meet your target audience. An eye-catching, engaging, and inspiring above the fold can help to increase visitors to your website.

The metrics on your website can help you know whether visitors linger on your website or bounce. You can increase your website’s ranking in search engines by attracting visitors and giving them the most appropriate content, among other factors.

What is above the fold?

Above the fold is the content on the top half of your website home page. Above the fold content is critical because it’s the first thing a website visitor sees after clicking your website open.

Above the fold includes the title, video, images, subtitles, taglines, and other features. The features displayed above the fold determine whether the target audience will scroll down to view the below-the fold-content.

There are several tips on home page design when you want to create exciting, catchy above the fold content.

1. Use a plain, clear title

The title or headline on a website should grab your visitor’s attention. The title should be informative and easy to understand. Businesses that create awareness about their existence or launch new products should focus on problem identification headlines.

On the other hand, well-known brands have their website titles focused on problem-solving. The customer is king; therefore, identifying and solving their problems play a critical element on your site.

2. Develop an attractive subheading

The sub-heading gives more information about a product or business. The subheading should pull the visitor further and encourage them to read more content. The more your target audience browse the website, the higher the chances of purchasing.

Subheadings are significant because they handle the limitations in a title. An appropriate subheading does the following:

  1. Give more details -provides details about a service, product, or business.
  2. Includes the benefits of a product – subtitles inform a consumer about the value they can gain from using a particular product or service.
  3. Inspires action – The goal of every website is to encourage visitors to consider action. A consumer’s action can be purchasing or registering to receive emails and newsletters.
3. Create a Call-To-Action (CTA)

Call-to-action is a phrase or name that prompts a visitor to consider a particular action on a website page. Call-to-action appropriately appears on the home page. You can place the CTA as a button for your interested visitors to click.

CTA persuades your audience to read content, join, subscribe, purchase, or download content.

4. Maintain above the fold simple

Above the fold, aim to increase the interaction between your visitor and the website. If your audience finds a complex above the fold, they leave the site to seek a simpler alternative. Consequently, your bounce rate increase and makes your website rank lower in search engines.

Therefore, create a simple, professional, and user-friendly design. Settle for a simple, clear heading Similarly, a subheading should be inviting and easy to understand. Remember to add a call-to-action phrase and a high-quality featured image. If you include a slide, ensure it has at least 5 clear images. The images should be high-quality and taken in the finest camera pixels.

5. Use captivating images

A picture is worth a thousand words. What words say in 1000 words, images, photos, and videos say in a minute. Your website traffic is attracted by the images several times more than the verbal and written content. Use salient pictures above the fold to entice your visitors to stay longer on your website.

A website is a powerful marketing tool for any business. Above the folding feature is the most significant element that can guarantee a long time spent on your site. Make an exciting above the fold and reap the fruits for your brand.

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