Colour Trends Which Are Attracting More Subscribers

The meanings of colours to viewers have been recognized from those 35,000 years old cave paintings to modern signs on traffic posts universal all around the world. Some colours have a predefined connotation, and can hardly escape it like red for warning or love, but there are also the varieties of shades and tones which don't fall under any specific designation and can be used to attract or dissuade people. The same applies to using certain colours in web design, and especially in those segments intended to attract more visitors and subscribers.

Use the analogous colours

If you're uncertain about which colour would be a perfect fit with the other, consult the colour wheel. This is an illustrative model usually consists of red, blue and yellow also known as the primary colours. If you are uncertain which colours should you use, looking at the wheel is a perfect start. Once you decide what colour you’d like to use, the other two you can choose from the adjacent ones on the wheel. This is known as the analogous colour scheme and is very common in nature which makes it enjoyable and pleasing to the observer.

Colour Trends Which Are Attracting More Subscribers 1

Try complementary colours

If you’d like different colours and not shades of the same one, then consider using the complementary colours. Every colour has its pair on the opposite side of it on the wheel, and pairing them up can give an interesting arrangement and appeal to your newsletters or sign-up form. The colour combination may seem out of order to you, but this is a good way to attract interest to something on the sign-up form. But remember, complementary colours are not a good fit for text since they will annoy and turn away the website visitor.

Attract with contrast

If you want to be noticed then using contrast in your colour scheme will certainly draw attention. It will help you highlight some parts and make sure that the website guest is where you want them to be. You can use completely different colours on the form's page or apply contrast within it, that's up to you and the purpose you want to achieve. It's important though to make sure that the contrast is not tacky and out of order and complementary colours on the wheel can help with that.

Be daring with triadic colour scheme

Colour Trends Which Are Attracting More Subscribers 2

The triadic colour scheme is a bold choice since it can be quite vivacious and energetic. Choosing these colours is based on the three shades evenly distanced from each other on the wheel so that they create a perfect triangle. Just like with all daring choices, this one has to be well-thought through so the three colours would be in harmony.

Vary the complementary colours

Different options when it comes to colour offer a broader range of possibilities for you. This is specifically true for the split-complementary colour scheme which is actually the variation of the classical combination we mentioned above. Just like the complementary colour scheme, we also use the contrast but only less conflictingly. Besides the base, you have to choose two colours next to its complement. Designers advise this scheme for beginners since it's easy to integrate into the overall design.

Spice it up with tetradic colour scheme

If you choose to use services of the web design company, Sydney offers a great variety. But if they suggest using more than three colours, don’t say “No” and hear them out. The tetradic colour scheme will make your sign-up forms and newsletter more interesting and give you myriad of options. This scheme is based on two complementary pairs with one as dominant. You can use the rectangle or square position of the colours on the wheel, but make sure that warm and cool tones are balanced out.


Colour can tell a story, offer comfort and calm your visitors, but they can also help you build your brand and highlight the certain aspects of your product offer. If you match them perfectly and use it in the best possible way you can create your identity and be recognized, and that way provides more visibility for your website and be distinguished from the competition.

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