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Common Web App Development Mistakes to Avoid

Fawad.Malik Inspiration May 25, 2018

Due to the availability of online app developers, developing a vibrant web app is not a rocket science anymore. However, brining perfection in the work is still not easy. There are a lot of web app development mistakes to avoid that can create a big number of problems aside from the loss of your precious time. Further than getting your app rejected from app store and scarce monetization bad app development practices can hurt overall user experience and can also cause online reputation issues for a brand or company.

Undeniably, bad things happen to creatively developed apps but being cautious about things can help app developers prevent hitches like poor user experience, lower conversion rate and devious bugs etc. Below is the list of most common web app development mistakes that every individual developer or web app development agency should avoid at any cost to provide users a great user experience.

Use the experience of your app developer

Your app developer is there for a reason, they have experience and can help you avoid unnecessary pitfalls during your app development phase. Be sure to find the right app developer for you, do your research - If you are in Birmingham then do a search for "app development Birmingham" and do your research. Speak thoroughly with your app developer and remember there's no such thing as a silly question!

Lack of proper planning

When it comes to get an app developed for your business or brand, there are a lot of vital decisions that need to be made cautiously before getting into the practice. You should think about things like why you are developing an app, who is your target audience, how you are going to develop, why your audience need an application and son on in order to make your app successful. You should also have a clear objective of the app in order to prevent troubles in future.

Poor user experience

You are developing apps for users not for machines. That’s why; great user experience can play a vital role in overall success of an app. Internet has huge amount of data regarding how to improve app user experience that can help you prevent poor user experience when developing a web app for a company or brand. Experts also suggest running a user acceptance test (UAT) often in order to have an accurate idea on how it will work on different devices and how your users will rate it according to the efficiency.

Testing exclusively on emulators

No doubt, emulators are vital developer tools that help app development agencies and individual developers to run and test their applications in a simulated environment for bugs even without having a lot of mobile devices. But, one shouldn’t rely on emulators when testing an app especially for app that are made for calling or texting etc. You should test the app on different devices before its final launching in the market in order to prevent any possible issues or bugs before it hits the market. Emulators can be amazing to test an app but you should spend some time for real time testing.

Offering too much in a single app

Each and every app always has a basic objective or purpose and you should only focus on its core objective instead of stuffing the app with a lot of features. Chances of failing an app are always higher if it is offering huge number of features instead of focusing on a major one. That’s why, over stuffing an app with features is one of the common web app development mistakes to avoid. Always try to add features in your app that users can easily handle without getting things mixed together.

Lack of app marketing strategies

You will never ever get massive users for you app if it is not marketed well to reach the target audience as effective marketing is the only way to let people know that you have something amazing to offer. Lack of effective app marketing strategy is one of the app development mistakes that should be avoided to increase the number of downloads for it. App store optimization and sharing your app on different social media platforms is the best way to boost the outreach for your app.

Marketing is the one and only way to make sure your app reaches a large user base. Marketing strategy should be planned and social media accounts should be created to promote and outreach the app.

Ignoring negative feedback

If you are ignoring negative feedback from your current users then you are making the worst web app development mistakes that need to be avoided immediately. Negative feedback always brings some ideas for you to improve user experience as well as performance of your app to boost the number of downloads and users as well. Users who are sharing negative feedback are people who really care about you or your brand to help it make stand out.

Not considering the hidden costs

App development is not a onetime business expense but you may need to pay a lot of bucks in future to make your app functional for latest operating system updates. Not only the updates, but an app developer may ask you to pay some more in order to fix the bugs and issues in your app. So if you are not considering the hidden costs of the web app development project, you are making the worst mistake that can cost you much in future.


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