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If you use Drupal you most likely want to make sure your URLs are SEO friendly. The problem is that Drupal makes it very easy to screw this up. Forget to get everything right and you can be left with URLs containing odd characters or worse yet, simply be a node number.
There isn't a web professional out there who isn't familiar on some level with WordPress. It may be that you are a skilled WordPress developer; and it may be that you only know that it is an extremely popular blogging application. But this isn't about what you can do with WordPress. It's about what you shouldn't do with it.
WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world used by many websites including popular blogs such as the Smashing Magazine. When using WordPress as the platform for your website, you will quickly discover that you need to have more widget or navigation menu areas.
Laying the foundation for a search-engine-friendly Drupal site involves a high level of technique and strategy. Drupal SEO out-of-the-box is made easy with a solid groundwork for on-going optimization efforts. However, this is only scrapes the surface of what you can do to optimize your site effectively.
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