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There are many methods to earn money from your blog. You can put ads on it and get paid when people click on them, you can use affiliate links from sites like Amazon and earn a commission on products sold, you can run paid reviews, you can ... you get the point.

Although these methods number in hundreds, not every method will be feasible to a blogger. A lot depends on the type of blog, the audience of the blog and even on the temperament of the blogger.

Making money by creating a job board is one such earning method you should know of and at least consider implementing. Unlike ads that distract the reader off your blog, a job board is a separate entity, and only people who are interested in it will go on and check it out. But unless you are a professional coder, you will find a great deal of difficulty in setting up a job board for yourself. Here is where WPJobBoard can help you.

WPJobBoard is a plugin for WordPress which lets you create a WordPress job board easily and in very little time. When you are using this plugin you won't be limited to just a job board or a blog. In fact you can have both.


You can continue with the use of all the WordPress plugins, themes and features and also add a professional job board to it. Some of the important features of this plugin are described below.

Ease of use

The plugin is quite easy to use. If you can use WordPress, you can use WPJobBoard. All the WordPress jobs scripts are built into it.

The plugin uses a one click install. Just as you install any other plugin into your WordPress site, you can install this one too. This can be done on any new or existing blog. It is also integrated with some useful third party services which are usually required on a job board like PayPal, Stripe, etc. The free add-ons for these services provide an increased layer of functionality.

Compatibility with WordPress

WPJobBoard plugin was designed by keeping the compatibility of it with WordPress in mind. Therefore it is not just compatible with the free default themes provided by WordPress but it is also compatible with any third party paid themes that you will find on other websites.


By customizability here I mean the ability of the administrator of the site to add or delete any new fields as he deems fit. Both the job board forms and the resume forms are completely customizable. If the administrator doesn't like any entry he can remove it. If he wants to add any new feature he can do so by the simple drag and drop editor.

Fast support

First of all WPJobBoard hosts a 40 page documentation on their website which has answers to all the common questions and issues you may encounter. But in case you don't find what you are looking for, WPJobBoard has a dedicated support team which will be happy to answer all your queries quickly and effectively. All emails are answered within a 24 hour period.

Regular updates

A plugin or a theme cannot survive, cannot continue to work with a WordPress theme, unless it is updated regularly. WPJobBoard keeps on releasing regular updates to keep their plugin fresh and updated to the latest industry standards.

Go on and take a look at the plugin's website. There you can use it through the demo feature. Don't forget to leave a comment below telling me what you think of it.

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