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Depositphotos - Get The Best Photos All Time

VitaliyKolos Inspiration May 18, 2018

The whole world has gone digital, and one major aspect of digital communications is visuals. Research shows that ninety percent of information that comes into the brain is visual, think of what you see every day; the signboards, news on TV, magazines, traffic signs, body languages, facial expressions and so on, it is not surprising why the brain understands visual communication more than other forms of communication. Forty percent of nerve fibers that connect to the brain came directly from the retina, i.e. the eye, thus visual contents reach the brain faster and in a more understandable way than a text or sound information. More on science fact, the brain process visual contents in 0.25 seconds, whereas it takes longer time when processing verbal or text-based information, this being the reason why sometimes one may have to read a sentence multiple time to understand its content. Brands and organizations have recognized the potential of using visual content in creating brand awareness, it does allow companies to reach more customers instantly and deliver very meaningful messages.

Sourcing the right contents sometimes prove tedious, to deliver the right meaning, a visual content must match the concept it's being used for, for example, placing a female icon in front of a male restroom is definitely going to result in chaos or a traffic light displaying green instead of red will definitely result in accidents. One may spend hours or even days looking for the right visuals to use on the internet unless you can make one yourself, and that also may take longer if you are not a professional graphic designer. There are several stock image providers on the internet, many of which provide high-quality graphics at high prices or free/very cheap prices for not so much higher quality graphics. When you need quality stock graphics for your visual content project and you have a low budget, then you should check out Deposiphotos.


Deposiphotos is a royalty-free image photography agency, it was launched by Dmitry Sergeev in January 2009, ever since, the company has been blooming in what it does, what Deposiphotos basically do is connect authors of high-quality licensed stock photos, graphics, vectors and videos together with appreciative buyers. What makes Deposiphotos stand out among its peer is that; currently, it is hosting over seventy-five million images, clients in 192 countries and supports 20 different languages, so whatever image, vector or video you might be looking for, Deposiphotos has got it. Deposiphotos has awards and achievements to its name and it is very reliable.

How do I use Deposiphotos?

It is very simple to use Deposiphotos, sign up at, you will find a “register an account” button on the upper right corner of the page, click on the button to proceed, a pop-up box will appear, on this box you have three options of signing up; Google, Facebook or Email. Select a preferred method, if you select either Google or Facebook, you will be taken to their respective authentication page, enter correct log in credentials, after your credentials have been verified you will be signed in to, if on the other hand you select the email option, add your email and password on the next page and you will be signed up. Ability to add items to cart or wishlist, taking part in referral program and get 15% from every purchase made by your friends and ability to create a favorite folder that can be shared are few of many advantages you are entitled to when you sign up.

Once you are successfully signed in, you can start exploring millions of graphics contents to find your desired graphic, to find graphics faster, enter the graphic name or concept into the search box at the top of the page, select graphics type to filter the search result and then click the search icon. Free graphics are available but are limited, you can check out more affordable plans at

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