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Technology has changed every aspect of our life. Earlier people used to read latest news and information in printed newspapers but today, in this modern world, newspapers are available online and people can easily read them from the comfort of their smartphones. Furthermore, online news aggregators are also available these days that can be used to stay on top of industry topics and news.

If you are in software development industry and want to get the latest programming-related news and trends in real-time, DevURLs is here to help! DevURLs is a neat developer news aggregator with a super-fast search.

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Introduction to DevURLs

With the huge amount of online content created every day, it can be overwhelming to stay up-to-date with the latest news, topics, and trends within the software development and web development industries. It’s where DevURLs can comes in handy for you. DevURLs is the world’s simplest developer news aggregator. It automatically pulls programming related news, stories, topics, and trends from the top 30 software development portals and programming blogs and presents them in neat news widgets. It also has a super-fast search feature with greater accuracy.

Whether you are a professional developer or a beginner passionate to learn more about the development industry, it could be a great tool for you to improve your knowledge. It is unquestionably useful for just about anyone in the industry as it displays the latest news in a detailed and organized format.

The best thing about DevURLs is that you can choose the sites and blogs that you like the most from the given 30 curated sites and you can filter search results as per your interests and needs. Moreover, you can use the search bar to find history of industry headlines or just to get creative content ideas.

Features of DevURLs

1) Simple and easy

Content aggregation at DevURLs is done automatically to provide users with the latest headings in the development industry. All contents and articles pulled from the top 30 sites and resources are placed in an easy to access order. Maximum 15 results are shown under each website that a user can easily go through to find and read interesting topics and news easily. In simple words, there is no need to comb the whole Internet to find interesting and useful information if you use DevURLs.

2) Customizable

With so many stories, articles and posts aggregated out there on DevURLs, it may seem daunting for you to find the most relevant content from a site or blog you like the most. Thankfully, customization is one of the impressive features of this content aggregation tool that helps you choose the sites and blogs you want to see in the results. You can choose any sites from the list of all sites to filter the search results as per your interests. With more customization options available on DevURLs, you can have a developer content aggregator tailored only to what you really want to see.

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3) Searchable

The search feature lets you catch up with the news even if you haven’t followed them. For example, you can search for “python” and find all python related news and blog posts. This feature is the most used as often you need to know news about a certain topic. If you are a web developer, you will find yourself often searching for “css” to find latest css tricks, or “canvas” to find interesting ideas for HTML5 canvas projects.

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4) Competitive Monitoring

Knowing what your fellow brands and competitors are up to can help you plan and develop strategies in the best possible way. DevURLs is often used by marketing experts to have a better chance to stand out and validate their new ideas. In this way, they can have more opportunities to spread their wings in the industry to get the most out of their efforts. It also keeps them on the top of the latest trends so they can prepare for future advancements and trends.

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